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UFO Alien Ships U.S. Senators propose legislation establishing a new agency to declassify UFO records… and Alien evidence [+] The Hill: Marik von Rennenkampff

UFO Alien Ships U.S. National Security Council states that UFOs are impacting armed forces training ranges [+] Daily Mail: Matthew Phelan

UFO Alien Ships U.S. House of Congress Oversight Committee to hold hearing on UFOs [+] Gizmodo: Lucas Ropek

UFO Alien Ships The Manitoba Falcon Lake UFO incident of 1967: One of Canada’s most convincing cases… saucer-type UFOs, sketch of craft, radioactive metal, burned witness [+] Live Science: Brandon Specktor

UFO Alien Ships UFO hit a police car in Minnesota in 1979… officer suffered flash burns… car clock and watch stopped for 14 minutes… vehicle inspected by Ford engineers [+] MEL Magazing: Zaron Burnett III

UFO Alien Ships The day in 1954 when a UFO stopped a soccer game in Tusconi, Italy… thousands of witnesses in multiple cities [+] BBC: Richard Padula

UFO Alien Ships UFO that crashed in Lombardy, Italy in 1933 retrieved by Mussolini, captured by American troops… corroborating witnesses and documentary evidence… predates Roswell by decade [+] Daily Mail: Boswell, Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Dozens of cigar- and saucer-type UFO sightings in the Shenandoah Valley in 1964/1965… widely reported by news agencies [+] WHSV: Jacob Fife

UFO Alien Ships Color-shifting orbs, hovering, flying at tremendous speed when chased by fighter jets: the Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings of 2008… hundreds of witnesses… tracked on radar [+] Popular Mechanics

UFO Alien Ships Japan among nations whose armed forces track UFO incidents [+] Popular Mechanics: Kyle Mizokami

UFO Alien Ships Do images released by the International UFO Lab in Japan depict UFOs? Some researchers believe they might [+] The Asahi Shimbun: Yukiko Sakamoto

UFO Alien Ships Glowing UFO observed by Minot Air Force Base ground personnel, B-52 crew, radar… equipment failures… a detailed analysis of this 1968 event [+] Sign Oral History Project: Thomas Tulien

UFO Alien Ships Argentina has a long history of UFO sightings, among them: fiery balloons producing whirlwinds in 1816… silver UFO seen by 7,500 witnesses over Buenos Aires… the 1986 Mount Pajarillo UFO landing still celebrated today… missing time abduction incident of 2021 [+] Caleb and Linda Pirtle: Sara Hogg

UFO Alien Ships Celebrities who have seen UFOs and believe in extraterrestrial Aliens [+] Insider: Martha Sorren

UFO Alien Ships Defense Department building specialized sensors to better investigate UFOs… U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand sharing data on UFOs [+] Defensescoop: Brandi Vincent

UFO Alien Ships UFOs and volcanoes: X-points, wormholes, and the theory of volcanic interdimensional portals [+] Science Times: Caleb White

UFO Alien Ships F-51 Mustangs engaged UFOs in two separate incidents: the Mantell Incident, and the Gorman Dogfight [+] Warbirds News: Stephen Chapis

UFO Alien Ships Congressional oversight committee to hold hold hearing into claims that U.S. government is in possession of UFOs [+] The Guardian: Gabbatt, Greve

UFO Alien Ships UFOs on the Island of Enchantment: From the mythology about the dwelling place of the gods, to strange lights reported by Christopher Columbus, to contemporary UFO sightings, the paranormal jungle of El Yunque in Puerto Rico [+] Magic in Puerto Rico

UFO Alien Ships Former U.S. Marine claims to have seen octagonal UFO being loaded by military personnel in Indonesia in 2009 [+] Daily Mail: Josh Boswell

UFO Alien Ships Whistleblower claiming to have been involved in retrieval of crashed UFOs alleges through attorney that he entered recovered saucer-shaped craft, experiencing space and time distortion [+] Daily Mail: Josh Boswell

UFO Alien Ships UFOs recovered around the globe, increasing number of government insiders claim… materials exotic, not of Human origin… demand disclosure [+] The Debrief: Kean, Blumenthal

UFO Alien Ships The 1980 abduction of Officer Godfrey in West Yorkshire, England: a diamond-type UFO, missing time – and a lost job and marriage [+] Daily Mail: Julia Lawrence

UFO Alien Ships A call to government to address questions about direct contact with extraterrestrial Aliens and recovered UFO materials [+] Politico: Christopher Mellon

UFO Alien Ships AI Alien: limitations on capacity of biological brains, speed of evolution, favor electronic Alien intelligence… electronic intelligences may thrive in and prefer habitats inhospitable to organic life… organic intelligence may be short phase of civilization evolution [+] Scientific American: Rees, Livio

UFO Alien Ships Among the topics discussed during NASA’s first public panel on UFOs: Metallic orb-type UFOs tracked across the world… up to 100 new UFO reports per month to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO… unexplained percentage of reports remains steady since 1950s [+] Daily Mail: Matthew Phelan

UFO Alien Ships Watch first public meeting by NASA on UFOs [+] Sky News

UFO Alien Ships NASA holds first public meeting on UFOs… All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO has collected approximately 800 events… report to be published in July [+] BBC: Livesay, Whitehead

UFO Alien Ships The year of UFOs in Italy: in 1978 hundreds of sightings were reported, many involving Alien entities... prompted discussions in parliament [+] Mysterious Universe: Bibhu Dev Misra

UFO Alien Ships Chilean Army corporal missing time UFO incident of 1977: multiple witnesses and a soldier missing for 15 minutes having grown a five day beard [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships Collision with UFO just a matter of time? U.S. Navy pilot claims… U.S. government investigating multiple near-misses [+] Daily Star: Jerry Lawton

UFO Alien Ships Scrambled MIG interceptors, radar tracking, military equipment malfunctions and radiation burns: the 1991 UFO sighting and alleged crash in the Shaitan Mazar region of Kyrgyzstan [+] Bradt Guides: Laurence Mitchell

UFO Alien Ships Clouds in the Bible: a description of flying craft woven throughout the Old and New Testaments? [+] The Truth Syndicate

UFO Alien Ships Harvard researchers publish papers on UFO detection and tracking methodologies and technology [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

UFO Alien Ships 119 UFO crashes and reverse engineering by governments, UFO investigator claims… to present evidence during June 12 press conference [+] Daily Star: Jerry Lawton

UFO Alien Ships A fiery orange UFO and two dead electronics technicians with lead masks: the mystery of the 1966 Morro do Vintém incident of Brazil… personally investigated by Jacques Vallee [+] The Mask Sign: Dominic Lacasse

UFO Alien Ships Two fighter pilots attempted to shoot down UFOs… weapons had no effect [+] Daily Star: Jerry Lawton

UFO Alien Ships Luminous, pulsating, spoked spinning wheel described by U.S. Navy commander off the coast of Iran in 1952… similar phenomena reported over Indian Ocean in 1800s [+] U.S. Naval Institute: J.R. Bodler

UFO Alien Ships UFO detected on radar of flight approaching Gaziantep airport in Turkey results in cancellation of multiple flights and 12-hour suspension of flight operations [+] Turkiye: Son Guncellerne

UFO Alien Ships Late Prince Philip had keen interest in UFOs… investigated Alien life… calls to make files public [+] BANG Showbiz

UFO Alien Ships UFO artifact images from Project Bluebook released by the U.S. National Archives… no analysis provided [+] Unknown Boundaries: Chet Dembeck

UFO Alien Ships NASA to hold public meeting on UFOs on May 31… open to public comment [+] NASA: Katherine Rohloff

UFO Alien Ships Stanford professor Garry Nolan believes ETs are on planet Earth, UFOs of Alien origin, and government reverse engineering Alien technology [+] Frank Chung

UFO Alien Ships Majority of UFOs are spherical in cases being reviewed by the Pentagon All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO… do not behave like balloons [+] Popular Mechanics: Michael Peck

UFO Alien Ships Extraterrestrial, nonhuman terrestrial, disrupted reality – diverse possible origins of the multifaceted UFO phenomena [+] The Debrief: Michael Glawson

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Senator, then Armed Services Committee chair Richard Russell, witnessed UFO in the Soviet Union along with two aides in 1955… CIA investigated [+] UFO Evidence

UFO Alien Ships Fiery lights and flying bowls: Korean Joseon Dynasty history has recorded several incidents of anomalous flying objects hundreds of years ago [+] Ordo News

UFO Alien Ships Warp drive observed? The 2006 Chicago O’Hare airport sighting: airline employee witnesses of a classic disc type UFO, and a hole punched through the clouds when it ascended; physicist analysis suggests witness reports consistent with warp drive craft [+] The Debrief: Plain, Hanks

UFO Alien Ships UFO firing beam over British Royal Air Force base: The Cosford incident includes military witnesses describing a triangle type UFO flying over base… firing light beam at the ground… dozens of independent accounts of UFOs reported over the UK at the time [+] Shropshire Star: Jamie Brassington

UFO Alien Ships The extensive Operação Prato UFO investigation: Brazilian government investigation resulted in 500 page report and hundreds of pictures, videos, sketches and maps of the 1977 Corales UFO sightings, involving hundreds of witnesses, numerous flying objects, UFOs diving into the ocean, and victims of burns from light rays… pictures, maps, sketches [+] The Black Vault: MUFON

UFO Alien Ships U.S. All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) extensively and statistically analyzing UFO cases [+] Fox News: Chris Eberhart

UFO Alien Ships Reverse-engineering UFOs: six whistleblowers testify before U.S. Senate [+] Daily Mail: Josh Boswell

UFO Alien Ships Magnetism one possible technology making orb-type UFOs fly [+] Liberation Times: Condorman

UFO Alien Ships Classified drone footage of metallic orb-type UFO released by U.S. Department of Defense All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO during Congressional testimony [+] The Jerusalem Post: Aaron Reich

UFO Alien Ships Bigger than any of us: U.S. Space Force general calls for international collaboration on the subject of UFOs [+] Niall Feiritear

UFO Alien Ships There be many: Pentagon All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO tracking over 650 Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena UAP (UFO) cases, director confirmed during U.S. Senate Armed Services hearing [+] DEFENSESCOOP: Brandi Vincent

UFO Alien Ships UFOs observed: 5 characteristics frequently shared across sightings [+] Llewellyn: Warren Agius

UFO Alien Ships Former U.S. President Carter reported UFO in Georgia in 1969, observed by ten other witnesses [+] Fox 5 Atlanta: Shannen Sharpe

UFO Alien Ships American Airlines pilot reported near-miss with cigar-type UFO over Arizona on 2/21/21… FBI investigated [+] Daily Star: Kristy Card

UFO Alien Ships Three commercial airline flights reported multiple high-speed UFOs off the coast of Ireland in November 2018… Irish Aviation Authority investigation inconclusive [+] Allison Bray

UFO Alien Ships UFO photo from 1981 taken on Vancouver Island, Canada… photograph examined for authenticity multiple times [+] UFO Casebook

UFO Alien Ships Abduction of skier in Finland, 1944 in spherical UFO… telepathic voices from Alien [+] Medium: Fred Andersen

UFO Alien Ships Tic-tac type UFO identified by National Reconnaissance Office NRO classified Sentient AI system [+] The Black Vault: John Greenewald

UFO Alien Ships Metallic, dome-shaped UFO reported by over 500 witnesses around Brushy Creek, Missouri in 1973… electromagnetic effects reported [+] FATA Magazine, Jerome Clark

UFO Alien Ships Vimana flying craft from the ancient Indian Hindu Srimad Bhagavatam description similar to contemporary UFOs, in color, flight characteristics, invisibility… built by demigods [+] Mysterious Universe: Bibhu Misra

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Department of Defense All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office AARO report states that Extra-terrestrials could be exploring Earth and other planets using very small “dandelion seed” probes [+] The Jerusalem Post

UFO Alien Ships UFOs to be scientifically investigated by the Russian Institute for Applied Mathematics IPM MV Keldysh RAS… soliciting evidence from eyewitnesses [+] Social Bites: Barbara

UFO Alien Ships City block-sized UFO described hovering over battleship by U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett, reportedly seen by a Navy sailor in 1950s [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Defense Department investigating UFO incidents in the 1960s that demobilized nuclear ICBM missile silos… interfered with test launch [+] Daily Mail: Engrid Barnett

UFO Alien Ships UFO sightings spiked in the Midlands region of the U.K. during 2022… star-like the most common shape of UFO identified [+] Mirror: Brassington, Elliott-Gibbs

UFO Alien Ships UFO recorded by Pilgrims: the first documented UFO encounter by European settlers in America, 1639 [+] Ripley's: Engrid Barnett

UFO Alien Ships UFO over Bavaria: The Ingolstadt, Germany, sightings of 1979, witnessed by police, pilot and passengers, and many more observers… five-pointed object [+] UFO Insight: Marcus Lowth

UFO Alien Ships Multiple photographs of UFO taken in Finland by teenager in 1973 on photographic film… inspected by multiple investigators... known explanation [+] Medium: Fred Andersson

UFO Alien Ships Sumerian texts describe gods descending from the heavens – and shepherd king Etana who flew into space, to the Moon, and other planets [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships British aircraft designer believes that UFOs are piloted by Extra-terrestrials, and may be interdimensional… [+] Daily Star: Michael Moran

UFO Alien Ships Over 200 UFO sightings in Yorkshire, UK, in last two decades… UFO hotspot [+] Yorkshire Live: Ruby Penson

UFO Alien Ships Series of UFO sightings in Rockingham, New Hampshire, in 1965 had multiple witnesses, including police officers [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

UFO Alien Ships Former U.S. Navy fighter pilot describes encounters with fast, spherical UFOs [+] Fox News: Jeffrey Clark

UFO Alien Ships UFO maneuvers defy our understanding of physics… missing radar signatures… should be glowing due to high velocity [+] Futurism: Avi Loeb

UFO Alien Ships UFO disclosure imminent, Stanford professor claims… has worked with government agencies and defense contractors to analyze evidence of UFO encounters [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships The strange tale of the Alien who lived in Kazakh village for two weeks [+] UFO-AC

UFO Alien Ships Unexplained transient flashes found in 70-year old images of the night sky… some aligned in a straight line over time – before the first satellite was launched… possibility of Alien craft [+] Inverse: Nathaniel Scharping

UFO Alien Ships More than 300 unidentified objects found in low Earth orbit by U.S. Space Force Space-Track [+] Space News: Jason Rainbow

UFO Alien Ships UFO sighted by multiple U.S. Air Force pilots over Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, D.C. in 1948 was of the “Tic Tac” type [+] The Debrief: Jazz Shaw

UFO Alien Ships UFO sighting in Uruguay with multiple witnesses investigated by Uruguayan Air Force [+] Merco Press

UFO Alien Ships Extra-terrestrial mothership may be in our Solar System, writes director of U.S. Armed Forces All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, investigating unidentified aerial phenomena UAP… could be releasing smaller probes near Earth [+] Military Times: Zamone Perez

UFO Alien Ships High-speed silver UFO over Gravatai Air Force Base, Brazil, witnessed by a hundred military personnel in 1954 [+] Project 1947: Olavo Fontes

UFO Alien Ships One of the best UFO photographs: the diamond-shaped object over Perthshire… pursued by Royal Air Force fighters… left photographer terrified [+] Daily Record: Mark McGivern

UFO Alien Ships Images of UFO over Iraq captured by United States Air Force Reaper drone published… cylindrical object, cooler than its surroundings on thermal images… no visible source of propulsion or flight surfaces [+] Dailymail: Boswell, Sharp

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Government archives hold more than 7,000 UFO incidents, including numerous cases from 1949, such as flying discs sighted by a flight engineer in 1949, civilian pilots encountering a cigar shaped UFO, and a couple witnessing a triangular craft flying over their home [+] The Debrief: Jazz Shaw

UFO Alien Ships UFO described by Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong… other crews of early space program also reported objects in space [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships The Foo Fighter mystery of World War II: glowing objects followed Allied bombers in both the Pacific and European war theaters on many occasion... sightings remain unsolved [+] The American Legion Magazine: Jo Chamberlin

UFO Alien Ships Sixty UFO sightings in Papua New Guinea in 1959… including by priest and more than two-dozen other witnesses... humanoid figures [+] Close Engounter Project

UFO Alien Ships UFO prompts closure of St. Petersburg, Russia airport… Russian armed forces scramble fighter jets [+] Mirror: Stewart, Fahey

UFO Alien Ships Canadian government studies UFOs: Sky Canada Project study to be conducted by the Office of the Chief Science Advisor of Canada [+] CTV News: Daniel Otis

UFO Alien Ships Numerous residents of Shag Harbour, Canada, witnessed a UFO crash in 1967… along with commercial airliner… watched object sink into the ocean… no wreckage found [+] National Post

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Air Force fighter pilots report near-misses and correlating radar observations of UFOs… observe supersonic accelerations, hovering, lack of control surfaces or apparent means of propulsion, unlimited flight times… cannot explain technology [+] Politico: Ryan Graves

UFO Alien Ships UFO downs trees, damages buildings, impacts tree growth years later near Guiyang, China… unidentified object observed by forest workers in 1994 [+] iMedia

UFO Alien Ships UFO sighted by airline pilots over Yellowknife, Canada [+] CTV News: Daniel Otis

UFO Alien Ships The Welsh Triangle incident of 1977: multiple witnesses reported seeing UFOs over Pembrokeshire, UK, including school kids [+] The Pembrokeshire Herald: Doug Evans

UFO Alien Ships Seven unexplained UFO sightings in Britain, Australia, United States, Italy, Zimbabwe [+] Daily Mail: Fiona Jackson

UFO Alien Ships Dozens witness UFO over Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1969, including children… one child claimed to have been abducted [+] allthatisinteresting: Natasha Ishak

UFO Alien Ships Modern UFO sightings and historical supernatural phenomenon intersect in the Falkirk Triangle of Scotland [+] Andrew Hennessey

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Secretary of Defense declines to release images of unidentified objects shot down over Alaska and the Yukon Territory… provides no additional information… search for debris called off [+] The Debrief: Tim McMillan

UFO Alien Ships UFO observations suggest highly sophisticated technology… increasing evidence and data available for scientists to study [+] The Hill: Marik von Rennekampff

UFO Alien Ships UFO sighting in Qing-Dynasty China over Nanjing captured in painting, 1892 “Soaring Scarlet Flame in the Sky” [+] The Nanjinger: Frank Hossack

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Department of Defense keeps silent about the orb photographed by U.S. spy plane over Mosul, Iraq [+] MSN/Fox News: Chris Eberhart

UFO Alien Ships UFO witnessed by multiple law enforcement officers in Mississippi in 1977, reported by news outlets at the time [+] Above Top Secret

UFO Alien Ships UFO over Canary Islands witnessed by hundreds across multiple islands in 1976, including Spanish Navy patrol [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships The men behind the Pentagon's UFO investigation [+] T. Tritten

UFO Alien Ships UFOs over the Canary Islands cause airliner to make emergency landing in 1979… fighter jet scrambled [+] The Guardian: Bill Cemlyn-Jones

UFO Alien Ships UFO encounters in India: five top sightings from across the country [+]

UFO Alien Ships Physical evidence of a UFO landing: the Tully, Australia UFO incident of 1966 [+] UFO Casebook

UFO Alien Ships UFO sighting over Chicago O’Hare airport in 2006: one of the most documented UFO incidents with multiple witnesses and broad media coverage [+] Chicago Tribune: Ryan Smith

UFO Alien Ships UFO over Peru engaged by Peruvian air force fighter jet in 1980… craft undamaged after direct hits by 30mm shells… multiple witnesses on base [+] Frank Chung

UFO Alien Ships U.S. President calls for creation of interagency team to study unidentified aerial objects [+] The Hill: Alex Gangitano

UFO Alien Ships Chinese Buddhist monk Master Xu Yun described wisdom lamps in the sky in his autobiography… similar to contemporary UFO experiences [+] Curiosmos: Ivan Petricevic

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Armed Forces will not rule out possibility of Alien craft, after string of unprecedented shoot-down encounters with unidentified objects [+] Time: W.J. Hennigan

UFO Alien Ships After the United States shot down another unidentified object, over Michigan, Pentagon officials cryptically state that they are referring to these as “objects, not balloons, for a reason” [+] The Sydney Morning Herald: Farrah Tomazin

UFO Alien Ships UFO over Qingdao City, China… may be shot down… incident comes as another unidentified object was shot down over North America [+] Dimsum Daily

UFO Alien Ships U.S. fighter planes scrambled to shoot down UFO over Kent, England in 1957… object disappeared moments before rockets were fired [+] Reuters: Peter Griffiths

UFO Alien Ships UFO seen over Mexico City by thousands in 1991… mainstream media reported extensively [+] Cool Interesting Stuff

UFO Alien Ships Second unidentified, cylindrical object shot down over North America… U.S. and Canadian Air Force fighters shoot down object over the Yukon Territory of Canada, appearing similar to one shot down by U.S. forces over Alaska… retrieval in progress… government officials release scant details [+] NPR: Bowman, Doubek

UFO Alien Ships Silver-gray cylindrical unidentified flying object shot down by U.S. Air Force stealth fighter over Alaska… recovery efforts underway… Pentagon officials releasing little information [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

UFO Alien Ships Royal Air Force transport aircraft near mid-air collision with UFO over Newcastle [+] The Northern Echo: Phoebe Abruzzese

UFO Alien Ships Multiple airline pilots report UFO near Volgograd, Russia, to military and air traffic control [+] Daily Mail: Will Stewart

UFO Alien Ships Pyramid UFO over Pelotas, Brazil followed and circled by private pilot… reportedly witnesses on beach and airport tower… extensive Brazilian media coverage in 1997 of incident [+] Rense: CNI News

UFO Alien Ships Plasma UFO flies alongside FedEx flight over Mexico, experienced pilots report… capture multiple pictures and videos [+] Daily Mail: Josh Boswell

UFO Alien Ships Numerous sailors from multiple U.S. Navy vessels describe encounters with UFOs… do not behave like drones… emissions of bright beams of light described… seem to simply appear… lack flight surfaces [+] Liberation Times: Christopher Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Interest in UFOs high in Middle East in part due to culture, including recent sci-fi movies and The Arabian Nights, broad interest in futuristic mega-projects, as well as multiple high-profile UFO sightings in the region- author makes the case [+] Wired: Chris Wright

UFO Alien Ships Orbs in the sky over Germany witnessed by crowds of observers… the Greifswald UFO incident of 1990 [+] Latest UFO Sightings

UFO Alien Ships Baltic Sea anomaly appears like an Alien craft at the bottom of the Baltic Sea… reportedly interfered with electronics, releases electromagnetic energy… researchers reportedly suffered physical symptoms after being in the vicinity… further exploration apparently banned by government authorities [+] Earth-Chronicles

UFO Alien Ships UFO accounts from ancient Rome, unexplained sightings have been recorded thousands of years before the modern UFO era by Roman historians, including flying shields, arrows, over water, over battles, over cities… angel hair… radiant figures [+] UFO-AC

UFO Alien Ships Four meter sphere crashed in Bolivia in 1978… United States government agencies reportedly involved in the object’s recovery [+] Mysterious Universe: Nick Refern

UFO Alien Ships Nuclear Minuteman missiles went into “No-Go” condition, UFOs hovering over missile silos, multiple security detail witnesses, and an injury: the Malmstrom U.S. Air Force Base UFO incident… guidance and control systems of missiles malfunctioned… no technical explanation [+] COFON: Robert Salas, Jim Klotz

UFO Alien Ships Permanent United Nations office for the study of UFOs and Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) to be proposed to the United Nations Secretary General by the republic of San Marino [+] Liberation Times: Christopher Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Close encounters with UFOs associated with multiple internal injuries and over-connection of neurons, Stanford professor’s research finds… also studied evidence of engineered metals found to have highly unusual atomic characteristics [+] Vice: Thobey Campion

UFO Alien Ships Tennessee Congressman states that Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) represent something else out of this world… former U.S. Director of National Intelligence commented that UAPs seem to defy the laws of physics [+] Liberation Times: Christopher Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Over 500 UFOs observed in restricted airspace or near critical facilities, newly released Pentagon report to Congress finds… many encounters by military pilots [+] Politico: Bender, Garrity

UFO Alien Ships 1663 account from Robozero, Russia, reports a fiery UFO observed on two occasions and by multiple witnesses [+] My UFO Research: Cesare Valochia

UFO Alien Ships UFO encounters frequently reported during armed conflicts: U.S. Civil War, Spanish Civil War, Korean War, Algerian War of Independence, Vietnam War… many reports of UFOs being unaffected when fired upon [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

UFO Alien Ships Veteran United States Army pilot fatally crashed while pursuing UFO in 1948… hundreds eyewitnesses… incident not fully resolved 75 years later… investigators claim object experienced WWII fighter pilot chased was Venus or weather balloon [+] U.S. Army: Eric Pilgrim

UFO Alien Ships The triangular-shaped UFOs that have been sighted throughout the world since the 1980s… prompted collaboration between the UK and United States on UFO analysis… investigated for years by UK Ministry of Defense [+] Mysterious Universe: Nick Redfern

UFO Alien Ships UFO shot down! Russian news outlet Privyet Rostov reports that antiaircraft fire shot down a round UFO near Sultan Sala… regional governor addresses citizens [+] The Science Times: Joshua Stan

UFO Alien Ships Ten well-documented UFO sightings with multiple witnesses… case with 5,000 observers in New York… crash in Nova Scotia with multiple witnesses… more than 200 students observe UFO in Melbourne, Australia… numerous sightings by commercial airline personnel… fighter jets scrambled in Belgium… more [+] howstuffworks: Kevin Saltarelli

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Department of Defense to reinvestigate 1945 UFO crash… examination of incidents since 1945 mandated by President Biden signing the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act… crash predates the Roswell incident and involved an avocado-shaped craft, sighting of Alien occupants, and possible physical evidence [+] The Sun: Chris Bradford

UFO Alien Ships Zimbabwe Ruwa school UFO sighting of 1994: photos of evidence, drawings from eyewitnesses support UFO sighting seen by over more than 60 school children and teachers [+] Dailymail: Boswell, Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Dutch commercial airline pilot and aerial photographer reports having observed and photographed UFOs… describes objects performing maneuvers beyond our technology [+] The Sun: Henry Holloway

UFO Alien Ships Ten UFO headline stories in 2022: better technology and funding for understanding UFOs, declassification of UFO reports, search for Alien artifacts, exoplanets... and more [+] Robert Lea

UFO Alien Ships National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by U.S. President Joe Biden includes provisions to protect UFO whistleblowers and expands investigations by the Department of Defense All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

UFO Alien Ships Hypothesis to explain the Star of Bethlehem include a comet, a new star, conjunction of planets, or a UFO [+] Infinity Explorers: Ansh Srivastava

UFO Alien Ships Defense Department All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) announces that they have received UFO reports from multiple government agencies, in the air, underwater, and in space… several hundred reports received since last update in May [+] Mail Online: Boswell, Sharp

UFO Alien Ships UFO Insight provides a history of UFO sightings across the world in the 1940s… including crashes and UFOs being fired upon… UFOs in formation [+] UFO Insight: Marcus Lowth

UFO Alien Ships The modern UFO era starting after WWII saw multiple encounters of various craft: cigar-shaped, spheres, and discs… including apparent crashes, multiple recorded sightings by military personnel, UFO discs sighted all over the world [+] UFO Insight: Marcus Lowth

UFO Alien Ships The 1978 Bolivia cigar-type UFO crash – by some thought to be the most credible UFO incident in South America… perhaps thousands of witnesses [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

UFO Alien Ships FAA procedures Chapter 9 Section 8: instructions to report UFOs! [+] FAA

UFO Alien Ships From around the world: 10 historical UFO sightings from Texas, Sweden, Washington, New Mexico, Italy, Russia, Poland, Scotland, England, Canada [+] Google Arts & Culture

UFO Alien Ships British Royal Air Force recorded sightings of cigar-shaped UFOs in 1942, predating the “Foo Fighters” reported by American pilots during World War II [+] The Debrief: Graeme Rendall

UFO Alien Ships 2014 UFO encounter by military personnel in Egypt, spinning craft did not appear to be human technology, witnesses ordered to be keep quiet about the incident [+] Daily Mail: Josh Boswell

UFO Alien Ships Cigar-shaped craft were reported in New Zealand in 1909, appeared over multiple cities, hundreds of witnesses [+] Whangani Chronicle: Scott Flutey

UFO Alien Ships Royal Canadian Air Force scrambled fighter aircraft in response to several UFO incidents [+] CTV News: Daniel Otis

UFO Alien Ships Decades of UFO incidents around military installations in Japan: military witnesses, radar observations, and at least one scrambled fighter jet [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

UFO Alien Ships The British UFO encounter of 1979 that made headlines around the world, triggered police investigation… physical evidence [+] BBC: Steven Brocklehurst

UFO Alien Ships In France, GEIPAN – the Study and Information Group on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, has been tracking and analyzing UFO incidents since 1977, employs scientific methods, plans to collaborate with NASA [+] The Conversation: T. Daley

UFO Alien Ships Lake Michigan incident of 1994: Hundreds of witnesses over a distance of hundreds of miles reported unidentified orbs of light, moving erratically, confirmed on radar [+] All That's Interesting: A. Harvey

UFO Alien Ships Florida police officer reports UFO, captures picture, apparently followed by Coast Guard plane [+] Anna Maria Island Sun: J. Schaffer

UFO Alien Ships Records of UFO sightings from hundreds and thousands of years ago; multiple accounts of round shields during the Second Punic War (218 – 201 BC) in Ancient Rome; sliver fiery object during Roman conflicts with King Mithridates VI described by Plutarch; troops in the skies over Judea in AD 70 recorded by Josephus; two flaming reddish shields over Dortmund, Germany in AD 741 [+] Listverse: M. Lowth

UFO Alien Ships Unidentified submersible objects observed in Norway for decades, multimodal phenomenon, accounts of Norwegian navy engaging these objects [+] UFO Norge: Ole Braenne

UFO Alien Ships Iranian fighter jets engaged UFOs in 1976… and in 2004 [+] Forbes: M. Peck

UFO Alien Ships Factions for and against considering the possibility of considering UFOs a real phenomenon appear to be forming in the U.S. government; in previous decades, people choosing sides on the UFO issue led to biased conclusions in UFO investigative reports; evidence of history repeating itself in current investigations [+] The Hill: M. von Rennenkampff

UFO Alien Ships Factions within the U.S. intelligence community with differing views on UFOs compete on how to carry out Congress’ mandate to investigate the phenomenon; some downplay reports with simple explanations, others are overly protective of information; cooperation can result in better data and facilitate rigorous investigations to help understand the UFO phenomenon [+] Politico: B. Bender

UFO Alien Ships After commercial airline pilots began reporting UFO sightings over Brazil, multiple sightings are being reported over Argentina and Bolivia as well, including UFOs seen flying into and out of lakes [+] Mysterious Universe: P. Seaburn

UFO Alien Ships Before Roswell: Global UFO sightings in the early 1900s include numerous reports of disc-shaped craft, cigar-shaped craft, ranging from Africa, Europe, Asia, South- and North America [+] UFO Insight: M. Lowth

UFO Alien Ships The 1967 Pan American UFO encounter over Nova Scotia, Canada, independently observed to fall into the ocean, no wreckage found [+] CTV News: M. MacDonald

UFO Alien Ships In 1966, several hundred students and their teachers witnessed a UFO over Westall, Australia, chased by planes, military descended on site, witnesses instructed to keep the incident quiet [+] New York Post: A. Foster

UFO Alien Ships The Alderney UFO sighting by two commercial airline crew, passengers, observers on the ground [+] bufora: G. Falla

UFO Alien Ships Military cover-up of the 1991 UFO sighting over North West Cape, Australia; multiple witnesses; area has history of sightings since early European settlement and before [+] nzherald

UFO Alien Ships The “Twining Memo”… the largest military press conference since WWII in response to the Washington D.C. sightings of 1952… Project Blue Book… The Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program… the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)… the Nimitz encounter… the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force… A history of U.S. Pentagon UFO investigation. [+] The New Yorker: G. Lewis-Kraus

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigations into UFOs… Project SAUCER in 1948… UFOs over Washington D.C. in 1952… the Robertson Panel… the Codon Report… [+] Studies in Intelligence: G. Haines

UFO Alien Ships WWII "foo fighters" over the skies of Europe - the first UFOs reported by military pilots [+] Task & Purpose: M. Hauptman

UFO Alien Ships UK National Archive contains more than 5,000 pages UFO cases, including report claiming Winston Churchill ordered UFO sighting to be kept secret for 50 years, accounts of a UFO crash in Wales, near collision with a commercial airliner [+] BBC

UFO Alien Ships The 1959 UFO sighting over Oregon that prompted multiple military bases to scramble fighter jets [+] UFO Digest: D. Vega

UFO Alien Ships French space agency CNES GEIPAN (Groupe d’Études et d’Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés) has been investigating UFOs since 1977, reviewing over 8,000 cases, with hundreds remaining unexplained after being investigated; cases include accounts of aircraft electrical and weapons systems failing, multiple near mid-air collisions [+] that's: N. Kelly

UFO Alien Ships Red oval UFO over Nanjing, China, witnessed by hundreds - in 1892 [+] that's: N. Kelly

UFO Alien Ships NASA announces independent UFO study team to develop roadmap for additional future analysis, report to be released in mid-2023 [+] NASA: E. Furfaro

UFO Alien Ships American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), professional organization for aerospace scientists and engineers, sets out to study UFO phenomena its risks to aviation safety, citing numerous near misses with aircraft [+] Politico: B. Bender

UFO Alien Ships Experienced pilots describe UFO encounters over Pacific Ocean, sightings from Japan to the U.S. mainland [+] Daily Mail: J. Boswell, C. Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Nuremberg, Germany UFO incident of 1561, account of objects battling in sky, crashing... woodcut captures scene [+] Mirror: S. Leonard

UFO Alien Ships Ocean X exploration team maintains that 'Baltic Sea Anomaly' is not of natural origin, Stockholm University scientists claim it is a glacial deposit. The incongruous object, which some have said resembles the Star Wars "Millenial Falcon", has for a decade been speculated to be a crashed UFO [+] Mirror: S. Leonard

UFO Alien Ships The rocket-like "ghost rocket" UFO sightings in Sweden and other countries on the European continent of 1946 [+] EDN: S. Deffree

UFO Alien Ships Defense contractor near Area 51 specializing in advanced weapon systems hires two UFO researchers, raising speculation about UFO technology reverse engineering [+] 8newsnow: G. Knapp

UFO Alien Ships Team led by Caroline Cory used sophisticated radar, infrared, UV equipment to capture "tic-tac" UFO footage near Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California [+] E. Pesola

UFO Alien Ships United States Navy ships encounter hundreds of UFO-like objects, verified video, multiple eyewitness accounts [+] Daily Mail: J. Boswell, C. Sharp

UFO Alien Ships Do armed conflicts trigger UFO sightings? UFOs have been reported in numerous theaters of war, including Ukraine [+] How and Why's: V. Verma

UFO Alien Ships UFOs over Ukraine [+] Vice: M. Gault

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Intelligence Authorization Act includes over 30 pages of requirements addressing UAPs, implies UAPs may not be "man-made" [+] Mirador: D. Johnson

UFO Alien Ships NASA assembles team, sets schedule for UFO investigation study [+] M. Wall

UFO Alien Ships Harvard scientists want to retrieve interstellar comet, on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, to determine if it is natural or artificial; U.S. Space Force Space Operations Command confirmed likely origin outside our solar system [+] Universe Today: S. Alan Johnston

UFO Alien Ships National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas claimed to display "authentic alien artifact" - debris from purported Mount Izvestkovaya UFO crash in the Soviet Union, 1986 [+] Huffington Post: L. Speigel

UFO Alien Ships NASA investigation of UFOs led by Princeton University astrophysicist, to use satellites and other monitoring instruments [+] Scientific American: A. Mann

UFO Alien Ships United States Senate Intelligence Committee disappointed by Department of Defense efforts to investigate UFOs; seeking to direct focus on "unknown unknowns" and on phenomena not identified as "man-made" [+] The Drive: J. Trevithick

UFO Alien Ships New Pentagon UFO investigation office: All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO); to collect UFO reports from the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Army [+] Live Science: B. Specktor

UFO Alien Ships Over sixty UFO sightings reported by airline pilots going back to 2012 released by FAA in response to FOIA request by Kyle Warfel... saucers, cigar shape craft by [+] The Black Vault: J. Greenewald

UFO Alien Ships NASA affirms mission to search for alien life; studies options for gather information on UFOs [+] The Telegraph: S. Knapton

UFO Alien Ships In 1948, WWII veteran pilot Thomas Mantell mysteriously crashed while in pursuit of an UFO. Though later denied, multiple witnesses reported UFOs in the area, and the New York Times reported on the incident. [+] UFO-AC

UFO Alien Ships UFO investigators present multiple unexplained UFO events during Brazilian Senate special session hearings on UFOs [+] Journal Online

UFO Alien Ships Brazilian Senate special hearing revisits 'Night of UFOs'; hundreds witnessed unidentified objects in the sky; chased by fighter jets [+] The Sun: T. Tahir

UFO Alien Ships Former U.S. President Bill Clinton confirms he had the presence of aliens at Area 51 investigated while President, he states on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" [+] Yahoo: N. Darrah

UFO Alien Ships Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to share information with the United States... about UFOs [+] VICE: D. Otis

UFO Alien Ships In Canada, 1,000 UFO reports filed annually [+] CBC

UFO Alien Ships Well-known British astronaut Tim Peake theorizes that UFOs could be time travelers from the future [+] The Sun

UFO Alien Ships NASA commissions nine-month study to gather and analyze data on UFOs [+] NASA: M. Bock

UFO Alien Ships Congressional UAP/UFO hearing presentation materials released to the public [+] The Black Vault

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Department of Defense testifies before Congress... over 400 reported UAP/UFO incidents... encouraging pilots to report sightings. Watch the full briefing. [+] NPR: C. Hopkins & G. Snyder

UFO Alien Ships It has been 50 years - U.S. Congress hears UFO testimony from military again - after half a century [+] The New York Times: J. Barnes

UFO Alien Ships 24 Observations about UFOs [+] Mental Floss: E. McCarthy

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Congress wants to see UFO evidence - and have it explained - in special hearing on UAP/UFOs [+] Bloomberg: B. House

UFO Alien Ships Triangular object hovers over Islamabad, Pakistan, observed for over an hour [+] Daily Star: M. Moran

UFO Alien Ships Much debated UFO sightings in India [+] Hindustan Times

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Senators demand greater effort to determine UFO origins; questioning progress and suspecting coverup [+] Politico: B. Bender

UFO Alien Ships Harvard astronomer speculates that interstellar meteor may be artificial [+] The Sun: H. Pettit

UFO Alien Ships Strange sighting in skies of Alaska: contrail or UFO? [+] World News Era: E. Blackwell

UFO Alien Ships John Greenewald obtains CLASSIFIED Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena report given to Congress [+] The Black Vault: J. Greenewald

UFO Alien Ships South Dakota farmer reported multiple unexplained UFO sightings, landing [+] Earthfiles: L. Moulton Howe

UFO Alien Ships Widely reported UFO sightings in Belgium, Royal Belgian Air Force scrambled, photographic evidence (1990s) [+] OpenMinds: A. Huneeus

UFO Alien Ships Alien craft apparently intervenes in Ukraine [+] CBN News

UFO Alien Ships Six decades in pursuit of explaining the UFO phenomena: Jacques Vallee [+] Wired: C. Tattoli

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued unclassified report to Congress on the Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP). This is the full report. [+] Office of the Director of Nat'l Intelligence

UFO Alien Ships Einstein advised not to target UFOs [+] Anthony Bragalia's UFO Explorations

UFO Alien Ships Chinese military employs AI to track UFO phenomenon [+] South China Morning Post: S. Chen

UFO Alien Ships AI to help identify UFOs, Harvard professor Avi Loeb suggests [+] Mystery Wire: X. Underwood

UFO Alien Ships Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon: Norway's UFO hotspot [+] Youtube: Spark

UFO Alien Ships UFO captured on video over multiple French cities [+] Express: Oli Smith

UFO Alien Ships Eyewitness accounts of USOs - Unidentified Submerged Objects [+] Popular Mechanics: K. Mizokami

UFO Alien Ships UFO account over New York from U.S. Project Bluebook (1952) [+] The Black Vault: J. Greenewald

UFO Alien Ships Interest in UFOs growing in government circles and among scientists [+] L. David

UFO Alien Ships In Japan, a town obsessed with UFOs [+] Vice: H. Montgomery

UFO Alien Ships Accounts of UFO sightings in Argentina [+] Inexplicata: N. Polanco & L. Burgos

UFO Alien Ships UFOs fly near U.S. Navy vessels around the Channel Islands, off the coast of California, an area with a long history of UFO sightings [+] The Hill: M. von Rennenkampff

UFO Alien Ships The U.S. military search for UFOs under AATIP, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program [+] Politico: B. Bender

UFO Alien Ships Australian National Archives document UFO cases, including sighting by over 200 witnesses, including school children [+] 7News: R. Coulthart

UFO Alien Ships Dark Knight, Earth satellite of unknown origin, captured in NASA pictures [+] S. C. Waring

UFO Alien Ships Aliens in the media: 9 stories from 2021 [+] Live Science: B. Specktor

UFO Alien Ships The Condign Report: British government UFO study, long denied [+] Flying Saucery

UFO Alien Ships Account of UFO sighting over England kept silent 40 years [+] YorkshireLive: D. Himelfield

UFO Alien Ships Spike in UFO sightings in Ireland [+] Evening Standard: R. Black

UFO Alien Ships Accomplished Stanford professor examines alleged UFO fragments, brains of Humans claiming to have been in close contact with UFOs [+] Vice: T. Campion

UFO Alien Ships Former French intelligence officer: UFOs are real [+], by T. Binnall

UFO Alien Ships Shapeshifting UFO over England - reported in 1783 [+] Berkshire Live: H. Fort

UFO Alien Ships Chinese People's Liberation Army tracking UFOs, referring to this phenomenon as "unidentified air conditions", number of sightings increasing [+] RT

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Defense bill to fund reverse engineering UFO technology [+] Futurism: T. Ho Tran

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