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Star Fleet First flights of next generation Chinese spacecraft planned as early as 2027… to carry taikonauts to Moon… partially reusable [+] Andrew Jones

Star Fleet Moon missions of the past and future… from Pioneer starting 1959 to Artemis [+] Elizabeth Howell

Star Fleet India launches Chandrayann-3 mission to the Moon… to land robotic rover on Lunar surface [+] The New York Times: Chang, Kumar

Star Fleet Novel Quantum Drive to be tested in space… converting electricity into thrust [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Star Fleet Space sample collections: Past and future, beginning with the Apollo 11 Moon missions, to samples from asteroids Ryugu and Itokawa returned by the Hayabusa space probe, to the future return of Curiosity Mars Rover samples [+] NASA: Lonnie Shekhtman

Star Fleet Construction of pulsed nuclear fusion rocket started by Pulsar Fusion… exhaust speeds of up to 500,000 miles per hour… would cut in half flight time to Mars [+] Popular Mechanics: Sascha Brodsky

Star Fleet Indian ISRO Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon to be launched on July 14… mission includes Lunar lander and rover [+] Victor Dasgupta

Star Fleet Light Bender concept planned to capture, focus, and direct sunlight to permanently shaded areas, such as craters, on the Moon to provide solar power to support Artemis mission [+] NASA: Charles Taylor

Star Fleet New reusable rocket architecture proposed, relying on lift surfaces and jet engines for controlled powered return to Earth surface [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Talking spaceships from the realm of science fiction to become reality: NASA working on AI voice interface for spacecraft, Lunar Gateway, and robotic exploration probes [+] The Guardian: Hannah Devlin

Star Fleet Edge computing using constellation of communication satellites orbiting Mars may provide communication solution for future crewed missions to the Red Planet [+] Universe Today: Brian Koberlein

Star Fleet Humans will depend on ecosystem simulating conditions on Earth to survive life in deep space [+] Cornell University: Blaine Friedlander

Star Fleet China National Space Administration announces new partner nations for Moon base enterprise… Lunar relay and sample return missions to be launched next year, followed by a 3D Lunar brick printing robot [+] SpaceNews: Andrew Jones

Star Fleet Spectacular images of International Space Station ISS photographed in front of Sun… with astronauts in spacewalk [+] Astrophoto: Thierry Legault

Star Fleet Robots for the Moon: NASA developing semiautonomous robots to support Lunar missions [+] Spaceref: Debra Werner

Star Fleet Captain Picard Day – the history of stardate 47457.1 [+] Richard Edwards

Star Fleet U.S. Intelligence Community Foreign Materiel Exploitation program has capability to clandestinely retrieve military equipment across the globe… parallels to UFO crash retrieval program described by whistleblowers [+] The Drive: Trevithick, Rogoway

Star Fleet Giant Magellan Telescope to weigh exoplanets and search for biosignatures in their atmospheres… to capture short videos of exoplanets orbiting their suns [+] Science Times: Caleb White

Star Fleet NASA envisions creating infrastructure to facilitate ice mining and the extraction of oxygen and metals on Moon [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet Artificial photosynthesis for space exploration: New photoelectrochemical devices may produce oxygen for crewed missions to the Moon and Mars [+] Interesting Engineering: Amal Chacko

Star Fleet Lunar Power: NASA lays out plan for electrical power infrastructure on Moon [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet The space race to the Lunar south pole: Multiple countries planning missions to the Moon [+] SpaceRef: Leonard David

Star Fleet Tractor beam against space junk: Researchers developing electron tractor beam to someday combat debris orbiting Earth [+] Popular Mechanics: Jackie Appel

Star Fleet Startup company planning to launch first private space station, Haven-1, before end of 2025 [+] Space Explored: Seth Kurkowski

Star Fleet Printed Moon base: China National Space Administration releases plan to build key parts of Lunar base using 3D printing technology… first stage to be completed by 2030 [+] Singularity Hub: Edd Gent

Star Fleet Shenzhou-16 launch to Tiangong space station sends first civilian to Chinese space station [+] CNN: Simone McCarthy

Star Fleet Ultrasound system puts animals into immediate hibernation… technology may someday be used on Humans for long-duration space journeys [+] The Independent: Andrew Griffin

Star Fleet UK company develops reusable, foldable heat shield for atmospheric reentry and plans orbiting manufacturing platform [+] Orbital Today: Bella Richards

Star Fleet Researchers study brownout effect of spacecraft landing on and ascending from Moon… regolith dust plumes hinder communications and visual awareness [+] Universe Today: Laurence Tognetti

Star Fleet Intergalactic travel constrained by cosmic horizon of an ever more rapidly expanding universe [+] The Debrief: Avi Loeb

Star Fleet After the International Space Station ISS: The ISS will deorbit in 2031; NASA likely to pursue commercial space station in Earth orbit and build Lunar Gateway space station [+] BBC: Jonathan O'Callaghan

Star Fleet Chinese secret spaceplane returns to Earth after completing 276 days in orbit... similarities to U.S. Air Force X-37 spaceplane [+] Popular Mechanics: Sascha Brodsky

Star Fleet China’s near Earth space capabilities increasing – expanding and upgrading the currently crewed Tiangong space station and bettering the capabilities of the supply spacecraft system Tianzhou [+] Spaceref: Leonard David

Star Fleet Glass fibers in Lunar regolith, discovered by scientists, may in the future help build structures on the Moon [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Scientists develop miniature tractor beams using lasers and sound [+] Interesting Engineering: Tamlin Magee

Star Fleet Scanning for UFOs: citizen science group Sky360 aims to build AI network of cameras to search the sky for UFOs [+] Vice: Tamlin Magee

Star Fleet Water from the microwave: Scientists demonstrate extraction of water from simulated Lunar regolith using microwaves [+] New Atlas: Michael Irving

Star Fleet Simulated black hole provides new concept for gravitational and space-time bending warp drive experiments [+] Popular Mechanics: Jackie Appel

Star Fleet India plans space station by 2030 [+] The EurAsian Times: Sakshi Tiwari

Star Fleet Airbus space station design features artificial gravity… designed to orbit Earth, Moon, or Mars [+] Gizmodo: Passant Rabie

Star Fleet Curiosity key to galactic civilizations [+] The Debrief: Avi Loeb

Star Fleet International Space Station ISS partners commit to extend space station operation through 2030 – United States, Japan, Canada, European Space Agency, Russia… since 1998, the ISS has hosted more than 260 international astronauts [+] NASA: Mark Garcia

Star Fleet New highly durable 3D printed alloy developed by NASA withstands temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit [+] NASA: Diana Fitzgerald

Star Fleet Turning rock into breathable air: NASA demonstrates extraction of oxygen from simulated Lunar regolith [+] NASA: Rebecca Wickes

Star Fleet Exoplanet weather observation: new Extremely Large Telescopes will have ability to directly image and study atmospheres of exoplanets [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Farming on Mars: Researchers experiment with growing rice in simulated Martian regolith [+] University of Arkansas

Star Fleet Search for another Earth: China plans Miyin program for 2030 to search for exoplanets, imaging and searching for water on distant worlds [+] Global Times

Star Fleet China building deep space internet, plans to construct research base on Moon by 2030 [+] CGTN: Sun Ye

Star Fleet Fireworks rocket: Explosive launch of SpaceX Starship deemed a success [+] The New York Times: Kenneth Chang

Star Fleet Most powerful rocket ever to launch on April 20th – SpaceX Starship… watch the livestream [+] The New York Times

Star Fleet Advancing science: Massive lift capacity of reusable SpaceX Starship could advance science by transporting larger observatories into orbit – in addition to plans of launching astronauts to Mars [+] Nature: Alexandra Witze

Star Fleet Selfie with Planet Earth: ESA Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer JUICE spacecraft sends back first picture from space [+] ESA

Star Fleet One craft to map them all: ESA Gaia mission creating 3-D map of nearly 2 billion space objects [+] ESA

Star Fleet NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory develops robotic snake to search for extra-terrestrial life on other planets [+] Interesting Engineering: Mrigakshi Dixit

Star Fleet ESA Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer JUICE mission to explore Jupiter’s moon scheduled to launch on April 14th… to arrive in 2031… to search for life on water world moons [+] NSF: Justin Davenport

Star Fleet 62 years after cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin first space flight, permanent crewed base on the Moon is the next space frontier [+] News Italy24 Press

Star Fleet China plans to begin building Lunar base using local materials around 2028… robots to complete construction in five years [+] Interesting Engineering: Deena Theresa

Star Fleet NASA funds study to build radio telescope on far side of Moon using materials manufactured in-situ from Lunar regolith, including solar cells, antennas [+] NASA: Loura Hall

Star Fleet Artificial black hole created using sound waves... to help better understand curved space and time, advance future warp drive research [+] The Debrief: Christopher Pain

Star Fleet Dawn Aerospace Mk-II Aurora spaceplane completes its first rocket-powered flight… designed for rapid reuse [+] Spaceref: Keith Cowing

Star Fleet Indian autonomous space plane prototype RLV LEX successfully completes test landing [+] Gulf News

Star Fleet Artemis II crew to be announced on April 3… livestream [+] NASA: Kraft, Huot

Star Fleet Researchers envision microbe technologies supporting Human space exploration… can be used for biomining, recycling, energy generation, bioremediation [+] Peter Grad

Star Fleet China announces additional details about Moon program… research station for astronomy, resource utilization, base for space exploration [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet NASA announces Moon to Mars Program Office… mission to establish permanent presence on the Moon to prepare for manned missions to Mars [+] Mike Wall

Star Fleet From dust to power: 3D printing rechargeable batteries using Lunar and Martian regolith… NASA research project [+] University of Texas

Star Fleet Pellet beam propulsion using lasers and pellets may propel space craft ten times faster than traditional chemical propulsion, up to 20% of the speed of light [+] Interesting Engineering: Chris Young

Star Fleet Satellite construction in Earth orbit demonstration project launched by U.S. Space Force [+] Air and Space Forces Magazine: David Roza

Star Fleet Sci-fi hibernation for deep space travel may be tested on humans in the 2030’s, states European Space Agency researcher [+] Tereza Pultarova

Star Fleet Robotic rotorcraft Dragonfly, to arrive on Saturn moon Titan in the 2030's will search for the chemistry of life [+] Universe Today: Nancy Atkinson

Star Fleet A base on the Moon, long in the realm of science fiction, is starting to become a reality with new spacecraft, purposeful missions, and new building materials [+] BBC: Richard Hollingham

Star Fleet Alt propulsion community discusses how gravity can be counteracted… brings together university professors, NASA scientists, defense engineers, and hobbyists [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Star Fleet IVO Quantum Drive all-electric propulsion system to be launched in June… self-contained, light, and highly efficient [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Suited for the Moon: new spacesuit for Artemis Moon astronauts presented [+] Robert Pearlman

Star Fleet Multiple networked robotic explorers working together as a system will be needed to explore subsurface features on the Moon and planets, such as lava tubes, of interest for building future Human habitats [+] Universe Today: Laurence Tognetti

Star Fleet Bioregenerative systems needed for sustainable long-term Human space settlements, study finds [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet SpaceX Crew-5 returns to Earth from International Space Station ISS [+] NASA

Star Fleet AI being trained to search for biosignatures on Mars… experiment on Earth found AI to be more effective at locating life-supporting biosignatures than human counterparts [+] Futurism: Maggie Harrison

Star Fleet China making progress on construction of its first super-heavy rocket, Long March 9 CZ-9 [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Women’s Day: women astronaut firsts… the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, the first South Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon, the first Chinese female taikonaut, Liu Wang, the first female Space Shuttle commander Eileen Collins, and many more [+]

Star Fleet China National Space Administration announces Tianwen 2 mission to return samples from asteroid 2016 HO3 to Earth [+] China Dialy: Zhao Lei

Star Fleet Time travel possible using spinning lasers, physicist claims… relies on time loop generated by an artificial black hole [+] Interesting Engineering: Christopher McFadden

Star Fleet SpaceX Dragon Endeavor docks at the International Space Station ISS… video of approach [+] Robert Lea

Star Fleet Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will photograph as much of the sky in 63 days as the Hubble Space Telescope would in 100 years… field of view 200 times that of Hubble… to be launched in 2027 [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Chinese Tiangong space station to be expanded by a new module with six docking ports [+] Interesting Engineering: Chris Young

Star Fleet Moon dust to solar cells: Blue Origin creates photovoltaic cells using simulated Lunar regolith [+] engadget: Jon Fingas

Star Fleet Lunar lander concept introduced by China [+] SpaceNews: Andrew Jones

Star Fleet Signal could be sent back by probe passing through a wormhole before it collapses, simulation suggests [+] ScienceNews: James Riordon

Star Fleet Radical space station concepts through the decades [+]

Star Fleet First 3D-printed rocket scheduled to be launched on March 8 by Relativity Space [+] Elizabeth Howell

Star Fleet Next-generation space capsule Boeing Starliner CST-100 press conference covering first crewed flight to the International Space Station ISS announced by NASA [+] NASA: Claire O'Shea

Star Fleet Inflatable habitation structures for the Moon proposed by Australian company… vision calls for habitat of multiple structures, including greenhouses [+] Gizmodo: Passant Rabie

Star Fleet Quantum principles proposed in the development of next-generation telescopes [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Becoming a NASA astronaut: requirements, demographics, training and the work [+] Elizabeth Howell

Star Fleet AI creates own machine learning models, mastering in-context learning better than scientists expected [+] Vice: Tatyana Woodall

Star Fleet Dark, shadowed Lunar craters to be imaged by very sensitive camera ShadowCam aboard the South Korean Lunar Pathfinder Orbiter Danuri [+] Universe Today: Nancy Atkinson

Star Fleet Miniaturized Orbitrap mass spectrometer a new tool for detecting extraterrestrial life in the Solar system [+] Physics: Allison Gasparini

Star Fleet AI assists NASA with designing hardware that is stronger, lighter, and faster to produce… additional advances expected when AI design is combined with 3D printing [+] Spaceref: Keith Cowing

Star Fleet Sierra Space completes another stress test of inflatable space station module… to be used in future commercial replacement for the International Space Station ISS [+] Futurism: Victor Tangermann

Star Fleet Intuitive Machines Nova-C lander directed to Lunar South Pole by NASA in support of the Artemis mission… originally scheduled to land on Reiner Gamma… mission to provide scientific data for one Lunar day [+] gizmodo: Kevin Hunter

Star Fleet Artificial gravity facility concept introduced by Japanese research team… The Glass to make extended living on Mars, the Moon, and in Deep Space possible [+] designboom: Matthew Burgos

Star Fleet Two missions planned this year with goal to mine asteroids… AstroForge determined to be first company to bring mined materials to Earth… first missions to test technology and survey targets [+] Singularity Hub: Edd Gent

Star Fleet Two decades of evolution for SpaceX rockets [+] Interesting Engineering: Loukia Papadopoulos

Star Fleet Biomimetic robot for exploration of Mars developed by Nanjing University… mimics movement of lizards for traversing varied rocky terrain [+] Tech Xplore: Ingrid Fadelli

Star Fleet University professor designs warp drive lab experiments to bend space/time… expected to be run in the first half of 2023 [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Star Fleet Pulsars may be used for deep space navigation in the future, allowing for autonomous space craft [+] Universe Today: Alan Johnston

Star Fleet Micro nuclear reactor concept for the Moon introduced by Rolls-Royce [+] WCCF Tech: Ramish Zafar

Star Fleet Five innovative new technologies concepts proposed to NASA for enhancing space exploration [+] Inverse: Jennifer Walter

Star Fleet Giant rotating space stations may be best option for permanent Human outpost in space, constructed using materials mined on the Moon and asteroids – author envisions crops adapted to microgravity, AI lasers zapping asteroids and space debris, superconductors providing radiation shield [+] Medium: Erasmo Acosta

Star Fleet First artificial intelligence AI on Moon: United Arab Emirates Rashid Lunar rover includes Canadian Space Agency AI system to assist with search for minerals on the Moon [+] Elizabeth Howell

Star Fleet 3D printed rotating detonation engine successfully tested by NASA… the supersonic combustion is more efficient and provides more power [+] NASA: Ray Osorio

Star Fleet Artificial intelligence AI may reach singularity in as little as seven years [+] Popular Mechanics: Darren Orf

Star Fleet Eleventh asteroid: one more asteroid target, (152830) 1999 VD57, added to NASA’s Lucy space probe… Lucy has one of the most complicated flight paths of any interplanetary mission… [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Star Fleet Krypton powered plasma thruster increases power tenfold… may provide new propulsion options for interplanetary exploration [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Star Fleet Nuclear thermal rocket engine for travel to Mars being collaboratively developed by NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA under the Demonstration Rocket for Agile Cislunar Operations DRACO program … to be three times as efficient as a conventional chemical rockets [+] NASA: Frazier, Thompson

Star Fleet A brief history – and future - of rapidly advancing AI artificial intelligence… language and image recognition already on par with Humans [+] Our World in Data: Max Roser

Star Fleet Hypersonic pellet beam proposed to propel heavy space probes to outer solar system in less than one year [+] NASA: Arthur Davoyan

Star Fleet Seven hour spacewalk on the International Space Station ISS by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA and NASA crew members… NASA’s Nicole Mann is first Native American woman in space [+] meaww: Jasveen Kaur

Star Fleet ESA Juice space probe in final testing before launch in April… will explore Jupiter moons Callisto, Ganymeded, and Europa for habitability [+] BBC: Jonathan Amos

Star Fleet Rover-mounted x-ray “flashlight” design proposed for detecting resources, such as water, below the Moon’s surface… two locations on the Moon suggested for missions: Shackleton Crater and the Sea of Tranquility [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet Nuclear-thermal nuclear-electric hybrid spacecraft propulsion to reduce flight time to Mars to 45 days, compared to three months using conventional technology… concept proposal funded by NASA [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet 3D printing plays critical role in faster and cheaper production of rockets and spacecraft… allows manufacture of optimized metal components… employed successfully to produce multiple types of components, including engine chambers and tanks [+] Space Ref: Keith Cowing

Star Fleet Melt through Jupiter moon Europa's ice with nuclear reactor to search for life in ocean below, NASA physicists propose… reactor would use fission and fusion reactions at ambient temperatures… Europa’s ice estimated at more than 10 miles thick [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet Multiple timelines experienced simultaneously during faster-than-light travel, physicists theorize [+] Futurism: Victor Tangermann

Star Fleet TitanAir concept spacecraft would fly in Saturn moon Titan’s atmosphere and navigate its methane seas [+] The Science Times: Kendra Stacy

Star Fleet Artemis III: Crewed mission to the Lunar South Pole region planned for 2025… Orion spacecraft will be launched by the Space Launch System SLS rocket… SpaceX to provide the Lunar landing system [+] NASA: Darcy Elburn

Star Fleet Pipeline on the Moon proposed… commercial enterprise explores concept of transporting oxygen from Lunar polar regions through pipeline built by robots using metals mined locally [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Star Fleet Larger than a six-bedroom home and host to over 250 visitors since 1998, the International Space Station ISS is the largest and most visited structure Humans have built in space [+] Elizabeth Howell

Star Fleet Space debris greatest threat to spacecraft in low Earth orbit [+] Yahoo/AFP: Daniel Lawler

Star Fleet Plastic into food – proposed technology uses bacteria to turn plastic into biomass, printed into protein such as steak for feeding future space missions [+] Interesting Engineering: Sade Agard

Star Fleet Searching for life on other worlds: NASA announces plans for space telescope Habitable Worlds Observatory (HWO) with a mission to look for signs of life on exoplanets [+] Daniel Clery

Star Fleet Electric thrusters may reduce travel time to Mars to 39 days in the future… technology used in multiple satellites and the Chinse Tiangong space station [+] Hackaday: Lewin Day

Star Fleet SpaceX Starship may have first orbital test flight in February… fully reusable spaceship designed for missions to the Moon and Mars [+] Mike Wall

Star Fleet Solar sail propulsion may win over chemical rockets for returning minerals mined from asteroids back to Earth… more cost-effective in many scenarios, study finds [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet Living quarters space at a premium in design of NASA’s Gateway Lunar orbital space station… no room for space gymnastics… one sixth the size of the International Space Station ISS… to be built 1,000 times as far from Earth as ISS [+] Tereza Pultarova

Star Fleet Mineral resources tempting to space mining entrepreneurs… Moon primary target, asteroids also promising [+] Leonard David

Star Fleet Solar sail space probes being pursued by multiple countries… make use of solar wind to provide constant acceleration to high speeds to explore the Solar System… technology still developing [+] Leonard David

Star Fleet 2023 to be a year of record space activity… more than a dozen missions to the Moon planned… multiple Lunar rovers… more commercial space launches… fully private mission to the International Space Station ISS… reusable space craft still the exception [+] Gizmodo: George Dvorsky

Star Fleet Hilton to design astronaut living suites for commercial space station Starlab [+] Robb Report: Abby Montanez

Star Fleet Caltech's Space Solar Power Project demonstration to be launched by SpaceX in January 2023… to test efficiency and wireless transmission to Earth [+] Interesting Engineering: John Loeffler

Star Fleet The first reusable space craft: NASA’s Space Shuttle, in service from 1981 to 2011 [+] History Hit: Teet Ottin

Star Fleet South Korea’s first Lunar orbiter transmits images of Moon, Earth… launched by SpaceX in August, entered Lunar orbit in December… data gathered to be used to select a site for the planned 2032 South Korean Moon landing [+] Daily Mail: Sam Tonkin

Star Fleet Optimal location for Moon base sought by China National Space Administration… robotic exploration continues in the region around the Lunar south pole using multiple space probes [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet Creating landing pads on the Moon using Lunar regolith… and microwaves [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet Biological pico-scale von Neumann system could potentially be deployed to explore other stars, geneticist proposes [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet 10 anticipated space launches in 2023: Polaris Dawn, Commercial Lunar Payload Services, JUICE, Chandrayayaan-3, Axiom AX-2, and more [+] Inverse: Jennifer Walter

Star Fleet Highlights from spaceflight in 2022: Artemis I, DART, James Webb Space Telescope, and more [+] The Verge: Jackie Appel

Star Fleet Earth has experiences catastrophic asteroid Antons in its history, threat continues… smaller space rocks capable of destroying a city harder to identify and track… new technology to assist with spotting and responding to asteroids on a collision course with Earth… NEO Surveyor satellite will catalogue as of yet unidentified hazardous objects… Vero Rubin Observatory will observe large parts of the sky… deflection tested by NASA’s DART probe [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Star Fleet Multiple companies pursuing reusable robotic orbital manufacturing platforms [+] SpaceNews: Jason Rainbow

Star Fleet Navigating on the Moon: Lunar global positioning system, LunaNet, and mapping of Lunar landmarks using the power of artificial intelligence [+] Universe Today: Carolyn Petersen

Star Fleet Space elevators would save energy and reduce the cost of space transportation… may be reality within decades, aerospace engineer believes [+] Scientific American: Stephen Cohen

Star Fleet Exploration of the surface of the dark side of the Moon will require new power generation options [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Star Fleet China outlines space strategy – to become a comprehensive space power by 2045: Crewed Lunar landing, space transportation infrastructure, reusable smart spacecraft, space telecommunication and global positioning systems, the International Lunar Research Station [+] SpaceNews: Andrew Jones

Star Fleet China National Space Administration (CNSA) 2025 Chang’e 6 mission to collect and return to Earth Lunar material from the far side of the Moon… also to carry four international instruments: the Negative Ions at the Lunar Surface (NILS(opens in new tab)) from the Swedish Institute for Space Physics; Detection of Outgassing Radon (DORN) of the French space agency CNES; a laser retroreflector from the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics-Frascati National Labs (INFN-LNF); and the ICUBE-Q for Pakistan [+] Andrew Jones

Star Fleet Five present and planned space stations representing 50 years of orbital platforms: the currently in orbit International Space Station (ISS) and the Chinese Tiangong Space Station; the planned Blue Origin and Sierra Reef Orbital Reef space station; NASA Starlab; and Luna Gateway, part of the Artemis program, to orbit around the Moon, planned by NASA, ESA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the Canadian Space Agency [+] The Universe. Space. Tech

Star Fleet With NASA’s unmanned Artemis I mission complete, NASA plans for Artemis II… to spend half as long in space… will carry crew… like Artemis I, Artemis II will prepare for Lunar landing, planned for Artemis III [+] Inverse: Doris Urrutia

Star Fleet Solar-powered satellites to power space mining operations? Not yet economical, researcher calculates [+] Universe Today: Andy Tomaswick

Star Fleet First South Korean robotic Lunar orbiter, Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) enters orbit [+] SpaceNews: Park Si-soo

Star Fleet Asteroids offer good possibilities for building outposts in space… contain resources needed for construction and operation… adding artificial spin would create gravity… rubble pile asteroids could be encased by a containment structure [+] Universe Today: Brian Koberlein

Star Fleet Company plans orbital manufacturing platform... to be assembled robotically... potential for collecting and recycling space debris [+] Spacenews: Sandra Erwin

Star Fleet Modern rockets had their beginnings over 2,000 years ago; NASA provides a brief history of rocket development [+] NASA

Star Fleet Nuclear fusion has multiple potential use cases for spacecraft propulsion... including direct fusion propulsion ... lighter, more compact systems needed for nuclear thermal rocket [+] Leonard David

Star Fleet U.S. National Ignition Facility has achieved a controlled nuclear fusion reaction that emits more energy than is consumes [+] Nature: Jeff Tollefson, Elizabeth Gibney

Star Fleet NASA’s Orion spacecraft returns to Earth after orbiting the Moon… splashes down near Baja California at 9:40 a.m. Pacific Standard Time [+] NASA: Hambleton, Fairley, Chechier

Star Fleet SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches Japanese Hakuto-R lander and NASA Lunar Flashlight to the Moon from the Cape Canaveral Space Center…Hakuto-R carries United Arab Emirates Rashid rover, transformable Lunar robot from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Tomy, and several other privte company payloads… Lunar Flashlight to search for water on the Moon [+] Spaceflight Now: Stephen Clark

Star Fleet Japanese Hakuto-R Lunar lander and United Arab Emirates Rashid rover to be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday, 2:38 Eastern Standard Time… to by livestreamed by SpaceX [+] Mike Wall

Star Fleet NASA Artemis I Orion space craft landing in the Pacific Ocean scheduled for Sunday, 12:39 Eastern Standard Time… to be livestreamed by NASA [+] NASA

Star Fleet Zero Point Energy (ZPE) potentially provides unlimited power… may power future high-speed interstellar spacecraft [+] Gaia

Star Fleet Helicon double-layer thruster plasma propulsion system uses electricity and magnetic nozzles to produce thrust… plasma propulsion systems allow faster space travel than chemical rocket engines [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

Star Fleet NASA’s Artemis Mission Orion spacecraft to return to Earth on December 12… will attempt a "skip entry" – never before attempted [+] Time: Jeffrey Kluger

Star Fleet Spectacular images of the Moon sent by NASA’s Orion spacecraft [+] Gizmodo: George Dvorsky

Star Fleet Dynamic soaring on solar wind proposed for interstellar flight… up to 2% of the speed of light… inspired by the flight of birds… magnetohydrodynamic wing using plasma magnets [+] Vice: Becky Ferreira

Star Fleet China Shenzhou-14 taikonauts return from six-month mission to Chinese space station Tiangong… completed construction of Tiangong [+] South China Morning Post: Amanda Lee

Star Fleet In 1962 the United States detonated a 1.4 megaton nuclear weapon at the edge of space… triggered aurora… caused power outages… created artificial radiation belt… damaged satellites [+] Discover Magazine: Phil Plait

Star Fleet Several theoretical warp drive concepts have been introduced… now private enterprise has compiled team to build working model… would rely on fusion energy and pulsed warp bubbles… motivated by Star Trek… company name inspired by Zefram Cochran, inventor of the warp drive in Star Trek… seeking funding [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain & MJ Banias

Star Fleet NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS Block I) of 2022 Artemis vs. Saturn V of Apollo 1969: smaller, lighter, less payload but more powerful and faster… both dwarfed by SpaceX Starship [+] Daily Mail: Sam Tonkin

Star Fleet SpaceX to launch Ispace Hakuto-R Mission 1 on December 1 using a Falcon 9 rocket… a private enterprise lunar landing mission… launch plan graphic, play-by-play and live-stream [+] SpaceX

Star Fleet Shenzhou-15 spacecraft with three taikonauts successfully docks with China’s recently completed Tiangong space station, taikonauts to spend six months on Tiangong [+] Mike Wall

Star Fleet NASA announces $57.2 million award to develop innovative technology for building outposts on the Moon and on Mars as part of Project Olympus [+] Mike Wall

Star Fleet China plans nuclear-powered moon base by 2028, to include a lander, orbiter and rover, part of Chang’e missions [+] Nuclear Engineering International

Star Fleet NASA invites Earth to send text messages to Artemis I Orion spacecraft [+] Space Explored: Derek Wise

Star Fleet SpaceX Dragon cargo space ship delivers 7,700 pounds of supplies, including a new solar array, to the International Space Station [+] Spaceflight Now: Stephen Clark

Star Fleet NASA’s Artemis I Orion successfully entered its distant retrograde orbit around the Moon and surpasses Apollo 13 distance from Earth [+] NASA

Star Fleet SpaceX ISS docking simulator with the actual Dragon 2 control interface used by astronauts [+] SpaceX

Star Fleet NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket – most powerful rocket to reach space – may be surpassed by SpaceX Super Heavy, producing 17 million pounds of thrust compared to the planned 9.2 million pounds of thrust for the SLS, test flight planned for this year [+] Orlando Sentinel: Richard Tribou

Star Fleet Four theoretically viable warp drive concepts, not all reliant on exotic matter: Alcubierre/White Warp Drive; Lentz Drive; Applied Physics Drive; Tri-Space Model [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain, MJ Banias

Star Fleet China progresses on orbiting solar power station Zhuri, to power satellites, or beam energy to Earth, to be placed in orbit in 2028 [+] Xinhua: huaxia

Star Fleet NASA expects humans to live on the Moon within a decade [+] BBC: Rob Corp

Star Fleet NASA’s Orion spacecraft completes fly-by of the far side of the Moon [+] New York Times: Kenneth Chang

Star Fleet A history of spacecraft, including: Sputnik I – Vostok I –Mercury – Apollo –Salyut – Space Shuttle – Orion – X-37B – Chongfu – Orel – Ganganyaan – Starship [+] Interesting Engineering: Matthew Williams

Star Fleet U.S. Navy engineer Salvatore Cezar Pais has been granted futuristic patents, including an electromagnetic craft with operational capabilities in space and under water; room-temperature superconductors; force-field generator for deflecting asteroids; inertial mass reduction device [+] The Drive: Tingley & Rogoway

Star Fleet Successful NASA Artemis I launch could be the start of a new era in human space exploration, reminiscent of Apollo program [+] Singularity hub: Edd Gent

Star Fleet SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to launch Japanese private company lunar lander Hakuto-R and United Arab Emirates (UAE) lunar rover Rashid to Moon [+] Space: E. Howell

Star Fleet Private Japanese company to launch lunar lander, sell regolith Moon dust to NASA, delivery not required [+] Singularity hub: E. Gent

Star Fleet Artemis I mission on its way to Moon will deploy Japan’s first lunar probe Omotenashi, smallest lunar lander [+] Kyodo News

Star Fleet Space miners may become the first trillionaires, space mining will boost space exploration, provide foundation to move heavy industry from Earth to space [+] Milken Institute Review: A. Gilbert

Star Fleet Gateway: NASA’s planned space station orbiting the Moon, to provide exploration support, research, and living quarters [+] NASA

Star Fleet NASA Artemis I mission to the Moon: Track the mission in real time – NASA telemetry [+] NASA

Star Fleet NASA Artemis I mission to the Moon launches successfully – Official NASA broadcast [+] NASA: YouTube

Star Fleet NASA Artemis I mission to the Moon: Explore the system [+] NASA

Star Fleet International Space Station ISS components, fact and figures; over 350 feet wide and a mass of more than 900,000 pounds [+] NASA: M. Garcia

Star Fleet The science behind wormhole stargates, fastest way to traverse the universe – the singularities, quantum physics, exotic matter, and higher dimensions needed to make stargates work [+] Science Museum: R. Highfield

Star Fleet Secretive X-37B orbital unmanned robotic space plane returns to Earth after more than 900 days in orbit [+] Space Force

Star Fleet SpaceX Dragon and Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo spacecraft compared [+] NBC News: M. Kramer

Star Fleet NASA’s Psych spacecraft will use Hall electric propulsion system to reach the Psyche asteroid, first use of electric thrusters in deep space [+] SYFY: E. Rayne

Star Fleet Commercial companies developing plans for space stations, including Blue Origin, Nanoracks, Northrop Grumman, future space stations to be more digitally connected and automated [+] Inverse: S. Wells

Star Fleet Current space race driving innovation, creating new supply chains, may start new industrial revolution [+] Fast Company: B. McCann

Star Fleet Current space race driving innovation, creating new supply chains, may start new industrial revolution [+] Fast Company: B. McCann

Star Fleet Private Lunar mission planed by Japanese company, Mission 1 lander to deploy payload to the surface of the Moon, will be first commercial mission on the Moon if successful [+] GIZMODO: P. Rabie

Star Fleet MIT designs levitating rover using ion thrusters; potential use on Moon, Mars, and asteroids [+] Freethink: K. Houser

Star Fleet Artemis 1 scheduled for launch on November 14th from the Kennedy Space Center, consists of Space Launch System and Orion Spacecraft, to be sent uncrewed around the Moon as test for the landing astronauts back on the Moon in 2025 [+] Space: B. Tingley

Star Fleet Saudi Arabia launches astronaut program [+] Saudi Press Agency

Star Fleet China's mysterious reusable experimental spacecraft space plane, in orbit around Earth since August, has released another object into orbit; little is known about China's space plane, no images released [+] SPACENEWS: A. Jones

Star Fleet First orbit of SpaceX Starship planned for early December, to be launched by Super Heavy [+] Reuters: J. Roulette

Star Fleet Private company develops self-contained pure electric thruster for space satellites [+] GlobeNewswire

Star Fleet Gateway: First space station in Lunar orbit planned by NASA and international partners [+] NASA: K. Mars

Star Fleet Studies of interstellar spacecraft: designs use nuclear bombs, nuclear fusion, lightsails, hydrogen-harvesting ramjets and antimatter engines for thrust [+] Futurism: V. Tangermann

Star Fleet NASA's Orion spacecraft builds on earlier spacecraft, including Apollo and the Space Shuttle, to take astronauts to the Moon, one stepping stone on journey to Mars [+] NASA

Star Fleet European Space Agency (ESA) multifaceted Moon projects include telecommunication system for the Moon, a constellation of lunar satellites, European Service Modules to power Artemis Orion spacecraft, and the European Large Logistics Lander to transport supplies [+] Spaceref: K. Cowing

Star Fleet Orbital Assembly plans two space hotels, first guests as early as 2025, accommodate up to 400 guests, feature artificial gravity [+] archdigest: N. Mafi, K. McLaughlin

Star Fleet Private companies have become major actors in the space race, including SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin [+] howstuffworks: N. Gerbis

Star Fleet Dennis Tito plans trip as space tourist around moon on SpaceX Starship, was first non-government self-funded individual on the International Space Station in 2001 [+] The Space Review: J. Foust

Star Fleet Technologies, sounding like science-fiction, to take us to the nearest star systems are almost feasible [+] Wired: R. Skibba

Star Fleet Russia plans own space station, releases model [+] India Today: S. Tripathi

Star Fleet Dragon spacecraft brings NASA's SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts safely back to Earth [+] NASA: G. Dodson et al

Star Fleet NASA Astronaut Nicole Aunapu Mann, Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes, becomes first Native American woman to launch into space, serves as mission commander, in running to be first woman on the moon in 2025 [+] Indian Country Today: J. Bennett-Begaye

Star Fleet SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft carry "Crew-5" American-Japanese-Russian tewm to the International Space Station [+] NASA: G. Dodson, et al

Star Fleet NASA's Moon exploration plan include pressurized rover and a base allowing astronauts to remain on the surface for weeks [+] Smithsonian: A. Fox

Star Fleet NASA's Artemis I mission to the Moon scheduled to launch August 29th, traveling further beyond the Moon than the Apollo missions, setting stage for manned mission in 2025. Watch liftoff on NASA TV and NASA's website [+] CNN: A. Strickland

Star Fleet Track NASA's Artemis mission live using Artemis Real-time Orbit Website (AROW), starting August 28th, including Orion's location, distance from Earth [+] NASA: E. Peters

Star Fleet NASA's 322 foot-tall Space Launch System moon rocket rolled out of hangar in preparation for August 29th launch [+] Reuters: J. Roulette

Star Fleet LLunar scientists discover pits on the Moon with moderate temperatures similar to Earth, locations where astronauts would more easily survive [+] Live Science: J. Carter

Star Fleet NASA announces launch window for first Artemis flight around the Moon [+] CNN: A. Strickland

Star Fleet Startup rocket companies plan commercial missions to Mars [+] The New York Times: K. Chang

Star Fleet Japanese Kyoto University unveils plans for off-world human settlement: artificial gravity living facilities on Moon and Mars, space trains [+] The Asahi Shimbun: T. Suzuki

Star Fleet NASA-funded study successfully grows plants in lunar soil, returned from Moon during Apollo missions [+] NASA: B. Keeter

Star Fleet Plan your space vacation now: orbital hotel scheduled to open in 2025 [+] CNN: F. Street

Star Fleet SpaceX seventh crewed mission carries astronauts to International Space Station [+] The Verge: L. Grush

Star Fleet How close is our civilization to being able to build the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise? [+] S. Dutfield

Star Fleet Glowing orb seen, photographed in Alaskan night sky [+] Live Science: H. Baker

Star Fleet Startup to hurl, not launch, satellites into space [+] Extreme Tech: R. Whitwam

Star Fleet First SpaceX private charter takes tourists to International Space Station [+] Sky News

Star Fleet Rocket crashes on the Moon [+] The Sun: H. Pettit

Star Fleet Study examines space travel effects on Human brain [+] EurekAlert

Star Fleet NASA planning to test SpaceX Starship/Orion system in March [+] msn/The Washington Post: C. Davenport

Star Fleet Future Human outpost on Titan? [+] CNET: A. Kooser

Star Fleet SpaceX Starship to take Humans to Moon and Mars [+] The Guardian: R. Luscombe

Star Fleet Compilation of UFO stories from around the world [+] Artangel

Star Fleet North Korean missile takes pictures of Earth from space [+] BBC

Star Fleet Crew to spend six months aboard China's Tianhe space station [+] South China Morning Post: W. Zheng & J. Lau

Star Fleet Self-sufficient and sustainable city on Mars designed to house one million Humans [+] designboom: N. Azzarello

Star Fleet AI controlled robotic spacecraft to service satellites [+] The Debrief: C. Plain

Star Fleet The Human spacecraft operating beyond Earth orbit [+] The New York Times: J. Corum

Star Fleet NASA: SpaceX Starship changes paradigm of Human space exploration [+] Futurism: E. Musk

Star Fleet Human body affected by gravitational tides [+] StudyFinds: C. Melore

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