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Mars Red Planet Gullies in craters on Mars resemble those from water runoff on Earth – and may in fact be caused by melting ice during the last Martian warm period, study led by Brown University finds [+] Brown University

Mars Red Planet Ancient rivers on planet Mars flowed for a million years, MIT study finds [+] Robert Lea

Mars Red Planet On Mars, organic matter identified in every target of Jezero Crater sampled by the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover [+] Vice: Becky Ferriera

Mars Red Planet Martian crater flyover, provided by NASA HiRISE Mars orbiter… video [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Mars Red Planet Zhurong Mars rover detects evidence of end of last Martian ice age 400,000 years ago [+] Keith Cooper

Mars Red Planet Touring Mars - Interesting sites for future tourists on the Red Planet to explore: Olympus Mons, Valles Marineris, Aeolis Mons, more [+] Elizabeth Howell

Mars Red Planet HiRISE space probe captures Martian dust devil at Syria Planum [+] University of Arizona: Mohamed El-Maarry

Mars Red Planet Chinese Zhurong Mars rover detects weak Martian magnetic field [+] Chinese Academy of Sciences: LI Yuan

Mars Red Planet Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt DLR and Centre national d’etudes spatiales CNES developing rover to explore Martian moon Phobos… to be launched with Japanese Martian Moons eXploration MMS mission [+] Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt

Mars Red Planet Humans may turn into cyborgs on Mars, and eventually evolve into fully robotic deep space explorers [+] Science Times: Margaret Davis

ET Alien As close to Alien as they come on Earth: the intelligence and decentralized neural system make the octopus a case study of how Aliens may think [+] OPB: Aaron Scott

Mars Red Planet Life on Mars, if confirmed, may share origin with life on Earth… but life in outer Solar System would be of independent origin [+] Daily Star: Michael Moran

Mars Red Planet Artistic postcard from Marker Band Valley, Mars, courtesy of NASA Curiosity Mars rover [+] NASA: Good, Fox, Johnson

Mars Red Planet Stunning Mars: High contrast mosaic of Mars released by the European Space Agency, built from 90 images taken by the Mars Express space probe [+] Robert Lea

Mars Red Planet Live from Mars: First live stream of the Red Planet provided by the European Space Agency Mars Express space probe [+] European Space Agency

Mars Red Planet Researchers discover direct evidence of ancient Martian ocean… maps [+] Universe Today: Laurence Tognetti

Mars Red Planet Martian crust thicker than that of Earth and Moon [+] IFLScience: Alfredo Carpineti

Mars Red Planet Martian Belva Crater panorama assembled from NASA Perseverance Mars Rover images [+] NASA: Agle, Fox, Johnson

Mars Red Planet Underground lakes of liquid water on Mars? [+] Astronomy: Tom Metcalfe

Mars Red Planet Now raging river on Mars? NASA Perseverance Mars Rover images indicate evidence of once powerful river system [+] NASA: Good, Fox

Mars Red Planet Blizzards on Mars: China’s Zhurong Mars Rover observations indicate possibility of snow on Mars half a million years ago [+] New Scientist: Alex Wilkins

Mars Red Planet All-female crew for Mars… better suited for long-term space missions [+] Big Think: Ross Pomeroy

Mars Red Planet Roboplants to seek out water and nutrients on Mars [+] The Science Times: Margaret Davis

Mars Red Planet Confirmed: Liquid iron core of Mars inferred using seismic data collected by NASA InSight space probe [+] University of Maryland

Mars Red Planet Mars panorama: China publishes first global panoramas of Mars from Tianwen 1 Mars Orbiter, comprised of more than 14,000 individual images [+] China Daily: Zhao Lei, Zhu Lixin

Mars Red Planet NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter transmits image of Belva Crater during 51st flight… images [+] Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Red Planet Saw-tooth rock on Mars: NASA Curiosity Mars Rover captures image of row of spines on rock [+] Devdiscourse

Mars Red Planet United Arab Emirate Hope spacecraft captures most detailed image ever of Mars moon Deimos, and performed spectrographic analysis of composition [+] Inverse: Kiona Smith

Mars Red Planet Mars, the Red Planet, named after the Roman god of war, visited by more spacecraft than any other planet: dormant volcanoes, iron-rich regolith, carbon dioxide snow… key facts and statistics and a history of key exploration missions [+] Charles Choi

Mars Red Planet NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completes 50th flight on Red Planet… 45 more flights completed than expected [+] NASA

Mars Red Planet The Red Planet: iron-rich regolith, dust devils, highest mountain and deepest canyon in the solar system, water ice [+] Charles Choi

Mars Red Planet Highest resolution mosaic of Mars created using NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images… 110,000 images provide resolution of 25 square meters per pixel [+] NASA

Mars Red Planet Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA planning mission to Martian moons Phobos and Deimos in 2024, including rover to explore surface of Phobos [+] German Aerospace Center: F. Dambowsky

Mars Red Planet NASA Perseverance Mars Rover has collected sufficient samples to determine if Mars was habitable… evidence of organic material… samples need to be returned to Earth for additional analysis, planned for 2030’s [+] Scientific American: Jonathan O'Callaghan

Mars Red Planet Mars settlement likely before 2050… water on Red Planet is key [+] SciTechDaily

Mars Red Planet Unique planetary alignment of Earth, Venus and Mars in 2033 would allow return mission to Mars in the shortest possible time… only occurs once every 15 years [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Mars Red Planet New photographic map of Mars created by researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi using images taken by the Emirates Mars Mission, also known as Hope… combines over 3,000 individual images [+] NYU Abu Dahabi

Mars Red Planet Martian drifting clouds in predawn sky captured by NASA Perseverance Mars Rover… video [+] NASA

Mars Red Planet Morphology of the Martian Olympia Undae North Polar region gypsum dunes… images [+] SETI Institute

Mars Red Planet Mars Jezero crater fly-through as imaged by ESA Mars Express… video [+] ESA

Mars Red Planet StarCrete: making concrete on Mars with Martian regolith and potato starch… using local resources will reduce costs of future bases [+] Spaceref: Keith Crowing

Mars Red Planet Evidence of glacier found near Mars equator… implication may be that Mars had more water in recent history than expected [+] Seti: McDonald, Lee

Mars Red Planet Martian sunset photographed by NASA Ingenuity Mars helicopter during its 45th flight [+] Josh Dinner

Mars Red Planet Unusual circular sand dunes on Mars captured by the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter [+] Robert Lea

Mars Red Planet Martian sunset photographed by NASA Curiosity rover, featuring rare sun rays [+] NASA: Good, Fox, Johnson

Mars Red Planet Analyzing samples returned to Earth may be the only reliable way to detect life on Mars [+] Space: Charles Choi

Mars Red Planet NASA Perseverance Rover mission on Mars to search for life, from August 2021 to present: Highlights of accomplishments and the journey mapped [+] ScienceNews: Liz Kuesi

Mars Red Planet Crewed mission to Mars highly likely within ten years, says Elon Musk [+] Business Insider: Sawdah Bhaimiya

Mars Red Planet Planting forests on Mars proposed by ecologist… domes needed for protection and evolution to determine which species will thrive on Martian soil [+] Inverse: Kiona Smith

Mars Red Planet Tufts University professor maps out plan for human settlement on Mars… incorporates elements of urban planning to address radioactive soil, temperatures below -80 degrees Fahrenheit, low gravity, and carbon dioxide atmosphere… calls for domed structures linked by underground tunnels [+] Tufts University: Molly McDonough

Mars Red Planet More cloud activity detected on Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover… Martian clouds resemble thin cirrus clouds of water and carbon dioxide ice [+] NASA: Patel, Tamppari, Newman, Lemmon

Mars Red Planet Journey to Mars and extended stay on the surface by astronauts will affect human body in multiple and unknown ways, including bone- and muscle strength, coordination, psychology, circadian rhythm, and efficacy of medications [+] Salon: Troy Farah

Mars Red Planet New evidence of water on Mars found: ripples in rock on Mount Sharp formed by waves on ancient lake [+] Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Red Planet Buried canyon and impact crater discovered on Mars… made possible through 3D radargram of Martian north pole region using radar images taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter [+] CNET: Amanda Kooser

Mars Red Planet Biomineralization using synthetic fungi to grow habitations on Mars, university professor proposes… reducing weight of materials transported to Mars [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Mars Red Planet 40th flight on Mars of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter… serves as scout for Perseverance Mars rover [+] Mike Wall

Mars Red Planet Bricks made of Martian soil may be used as building material on Mars, material scientists find… more studies needed with real Martian regolith [+] The New York Times: Nicholas St. Fleur

Mars Red Planet One Martian year of atmospheric data recorded by NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover in the Jezero Crater… average temperature -55 degrees Celsius [+] University of the Basque Country

Mars Red Planet Astroculture on Mars faces obstacles including salty soil, radiation, cold, reduced sunlight, and minimal atmosphere… technology such as solar panels, magnetic shields, and aeroponic farming can provide solutions [+] The Debrief: Amanda Winstead

Mars Red Planet Opal discovered along fractures on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover… fractures were one of the last water-rich environments and provided milder conditions for potential life… opal gems have relatively high water content [+] Arizona State University

Mars Red Planet Oxygen-rich atmosphere on Mars in its early history? New study raises questions… environmental and chemical conditions differed substantially from Earth [+] Inverse: Evan Gough

Mars Red Planet One Martian year: NASA Perseverance Rover has spent one Martian year on the surface of Mars… has driven 8.7 miles… continues to collect soil samples to be brought to Earth for analysis of evidence of life [+] Mike Wall

Mars Red Planet NASA has been searching for evidence of biological life on Mars for a long time, including currently with the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers [+] Robert Lea

Mars Red Planet Martian winter landscapes captured by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter… areas of Mars receive several feet of carbon dioxide snow… temperatures as low as -123 degrees Celsius/-190 degrees Fahrenheit… cube-shaped dry ice snow flakes [+] Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Red Planet Wintery landscape offered by European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express images of Ultimi Scopuli region near the south pole of Mars [+] European Space Agency

Mars Red Planet NASA Perseverance Mars Rover drops first cache of Martian soil sample in titanium tube… collected from old river delta and to be tested for microbial life back on Earth… Perseverance keeps one sample on board, and deposits second on Mars surface as backup [+] Elizabeth Howell

Mars Red Planet NASA InSight Mars lander has stopped communicating with Earth… NASA officially retires mission… on Mars since November 2018… detected 1,319 quakes on Mars… last selfie taken in April 2022 [+] NASA: Fox, Johnson, Good

Mars Red Planet Wind power feasible on Mars based on climate models, study finds [+] Vice: Becky Ferreira

Mars Red Planet Mars Human landing site selection considerations: access to subsurface water or hydrated minerals, low altitude to help slow descending landing module, minimum levels of toxic dust, lower latitudes for maximum solar energy and to take maximum advantage of planetary spin for launches back to Earth [+] NASA: Davis, Cho, McDonald, O'Brien, Parks

Mars Red Planet Success of NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter will lead to more planetary aircraft for the exploration of Mars and other worlds, such as Saturn’s moon Titan [+] Rebecca Sohn

Mars Red Planet NASA Perseverance Mars Rover has captured the sound of a dust devil on Mars [+] NASA: Roger Wiens

Mars Red Planet NASA/ESA Mars Sample Return mission to Mars will return Martian soil samples collected by the Perseverance rover to Earth… planned in mid-2030’s [+] NASA

Mars Red Planet Large column of hot magma below the surface of Mars may generate methane and hydrogen, creating conditions that bacteria can thrive in on Earth [+] Yorkshire Evening Post: Sophie Wills

Mars Red Planet NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter sets altitude record… 35th flight on Mars [+] Mike Wall

Mars Red Planet Crater from Anton triggering catastrophic tsunami on Mars 3.4 billion years ago identified… may have been similar to asteroid Anton on Earth that is thought to have led to the extinction of dinosaurs… NASA’s Viking I lander captured evidence in 1976 [+] New Scientist: Leah Crane

Mars Red Planet Mars may have had climatic conditions for life long before Earth did; oceans may have been 300 to 1,000 meters deep [+] University of Copenhagen: Martin Bizzarro

Mars Red Planet NASA’s Perseverance rover soil samples taken from Jezero Crater on Mars – once filled with water – include organic as well as volcanic matter, suggesting that live could have existed on Mars [+] Vice: Becky Ferreira

Mars Red Planet NASA’s InSight Mars lander makes measurement of tectonic activity on another planet, a first; detects quakes, pointing to volcanic activity in the past, may suggest molten lava below the surface [+] Universe Today: M. Williams

Mars Red Planet Company plans first commercial mission to Mars, landing on the planet’s surface [+] QUARTZ: t. Fernholz

Mars Red Planet Shoreline topography study on Mars provides evidence of significant liquid water on surface at one point in the planets history [+] sciencealert: D. Nield

Mars Red Planet Expandable aeroshell heat shield being tested for potential use on future Mars missions, new landing methods needed for larger payloads [+] NASA

Mars Red Planet Crash landing on Mars: NASA testing new, lower cost system to land on Mars, using lander with collapsible base as a crumple zone [+] NASA: A. Good, K. Fox, A. Johnson

Mars Red Planet Imagining a journey to Mars: seven months flight time, abrasive dust, blue sunsets, potentially toxic soil [+] ABC: G. Weule

Mars Red Planet NASA's Mars Sample Return Program to return samples from Mars in 2033, mission plan calls for two helicopters on Mars [+] NASA: D. Washington, D. Agle

Mars Red Planet Future mining on Mars, moon and asteroids [+] N. Martin

Mars Red Planet China to launch crewed mission to Mars in 2033, build permanent base, extract resources [+] Aljazeera

Mars Red Planet After 10 years on Mars, NASA's Curiosity Rover reaches mineral-rich Mount Sharp [+] NASA: A. Good, K. Fox, A. Johnson

Mars Red Planet United Arab Emirates' Hope Mars space probe detected patchy proton auroras in Martian sky for the first time. The UAE is only the fifth country to successfully send a space probe to Mars. [+] Inverse: D. Urrutia

Mars Red Planet From the failed U.S. and Soviet attempts in the 1960's to the present rovers and interplanetary helicopter - a history of exploration missions to Mars [+] Space: V. Stein

Mars Red Planet Indian Mangalyaan space probe, designed to operate for six months, has ended its mission after right years. Mangalyaan (Hindi: Mars craft) is the first Martian orbiter launched by India and made India the fourth nation to successfully place a spacecraft in orbit around Mars [+] cnet: M. Ravisetti

Mars Red Planet Mars once had an atmosphere, similar to that of Earth, which it lost due to lack of a magnetosphere. NASA scientist believes it is possible to engineer a magnetic shield for Mars, allowing atmosphere to be created and maintained, such as through Elon Musk's idea of releasing carbon dioxide on Mars [+] ESA

Mars Red Planet European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express captures occultation of Jupiter and four of its moons by Mars moon Deimos, orbit more accurately calculated [+] ESA

Mars Red Planet 3D printing using Martian soil - scientists researching capabilities [+] S. Waldek

Mars Red Planet Insights into origin of life on Earth from Mars: newly discovered igneous (volcanic) rocks on Mars may help to recreate what Earth was like when life began [+] SpaceChatter

Mars Red Planet Sojourner to Zhurong: 25 years of rovers on Mars [+] ScienceNews: A. Witze

Mars Red Planet Chinese Tianwen-1 mission has completed mapping the entire surface of Mars, China's National Space Agency, CNSA, announced. The Tianwen-1 mission was launched in 2020 and made China the third nation to successfully land a rover on the Red Planet. [+] CNN: J. Yeung

Mars Red Planet Robotic A.I. rover swarms proposed for exploring Mars [+] The Debrief: C. Plain

Mars Red Planet Incredible drifting clouds in the skies of Mars [+] E. Howell

Mars Red Planet Curiosity rover captures images of Martian clouds [+] NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Red Planet The case for life on Mars: water and carbon isotopes [+] Whitley Strieber's Unknowncountry

Mars Red Planet Dust devils sweep over Mars [+] RT

Mars Red Planet Water detected in Mars Valles Marineris canyon [+] Big Think: K. Houser

Mars Red Planet NASA's Curiosity Rover detects organic molecules on Mars [+] B. Yirka

Mars Red Planet China National Space Administration publishes Mars photos taken by Tianwen-1 spacecraft and Zhurong rover [+] PetaPixel: J. Schneider

Mars Red Planet Presence of water may explain bright spots on Mars [+] Popular Science: L. Sapunar

Mars Red Planet 2 Billion years ago water flowed on Mars [+] El. Howell

Mars Red Planet Curiosity Rover discovers carbon, associated with life on Earth, on Mars [+] The Debrief: C. Plain

Mars Red Planet Former NASA scientist comments on terraforming Mars and the search for life throughout our solar system [+] The New York Times: J. O'Callaghan

Mars Red Planet ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars spacecraft detects water in Mars Grand Canyon [+] The European Space Agency: C. Melore

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