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ET Alien Search for signals from Extraterrestrial Alien civilizations expanded to nanosecond pulses by the Breakthrough Listen project [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

ET Alien Enigmatic Alien encounters of the 1960s, in multiple countries [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

ET Alien As close to Alien as they come on Earth: the intelligence and decentralized neural system make the octopus a case study of how Aliens may think [+] OPB: Aaron Scott

ET Alien Scientists develop math-based system for analyzing and decoding Alien messages from space [+] Science News: Matthew Hutson

ET Alien Native American traditions of Star People: Ancestral Homes in the Pleiades… Spirits from the stars turning into humans… beings descending from the sky… flying discs… balls of light [+] Montana Pioneer: David Lewis

ET Alien 10,000 year old petroglyphs in Valcamonica, Italy, appear to depict figures in protective suits and astronaut helmets [+] Express: Sean Martin

ET Alien National Security Agency NSA released report in 2004 referring to 29 messages from outer space… of Alien origin [+] Before It's News: Kevin Smith

ET Alien AI may be first to make Alien contact: Harvard professor suggests that Extraterrestrial Aliens may explore the Universe using intelligent machines – which may seek contact with AI on Earth rather than biological life forms [+] Daily Mail: Rob Waugh

ET Alien Grey Aliens: a brief history of close encounters of the fourth kind involving Grays [+] Viewzone: Dan Eden

ET Alien Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam, largest on Earth by volume, associated with sightings of reptilian beings [+] How&Why's: Vicky Verma

ET Alien Artificial structures detected around star system? Astronomers advance possibility of Alien mega-structures orbiting star KIC 8462852 [+] Medium

ET Alien Couple experiences paranormal phenomena after spotting UFOs in the night sky – the Mojave Desert incident of 1989 [+] Medium: Dave Partridge

ET Alien Intelligent Alien life peaked billions of years ago, scientist claims, using model correlating black hole feedback, the creation of stars, and the formation of planets [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

ET Alien Cigar-shaped UFO and Alien abduction: the Winchester, England, incidents of 1976… multiple sources of corroborating evidence [+] UFO Insight: Marcus Lowth

ET Alien Bubble of silence: new statistical model suggests that Earth may have to wait more than 60 years to detect electromagnetic emissions from Alien civilizations… or 2,000 years… have trained telescopes for Alien signals for 60 years [+] EPFL: Jan Overney

ET Alien A brief overview of the Grey Aliens [+] Brooklyn Paranormal Society: Anthony L

ET Alien Dialing in 10 million star systems: U.S. National Science Foundation Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico to search for technosignatures from Alien civilizations [+] Gizmodo: Isaac Schultz

ET Alien Earth’s radio leakage signature – how advanced Alien civilizations might detect us [+] SETI

ET Alien Australian Cahill abduction case of 1993: missing time, physical marks, hospitalization, witnesses [+] The Sydney Morning Herald: Daniella Miletic

ET Alien Two dozen new repeating fast radio bursts detected … extremely bright flashes of light up to 4 billion light years distant, trillion times more powerful than annual energy consumption on Earth… unknown cause [+] Daily Mail: Fiona Jackson

ET Alien Contact by 2029: Research team calculates when Extraterrestrial civilizations could reply to radio signals from Earth [+] Popular Science: Briley Lewis

ET Alien AI ET: The case for robotic AI ET Aliens [+] Big Think: Dirk Schulze-Makuch

ET Alien Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell was convinced that Aliens prevented nuclear war on Earth [+] Blake Stilwell

ET Alien Extra-terrestrial civilizations: Drake Equation, Fermi Paradox, and Dyson Spheres [+] BBC: Dale Shaw

ET Alien Alien implants during abduction experience: Alien abduction of Terry Lovelace, former assistant U.S. attorney general… sketches of triangular UFO… implant of electrical device without incision [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

ET Alien UFO sightings and Alien abductions in New England beginning in 1639 – a sampler [+] Joe Bills

ET Alien Reflections from Alien cities on exoplanets may be detected by the next generation of telescopes [+] Inverse: Kiona Smith

ET Alien Beings in helmets, boots and suits depicted alongside animals and fauna in 10,000 old Tassili cave paintings in the Sahara Desert [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

ET Alien Catholic theologian: Aliens and UFOs exist… numerous clerics have accepted the existence of extra-terrestrial life [+] Unconventional Individualist

ET Alien Middle Eastern historic literature incorporating references to extra-terrestrial life: tales of travels to the Moon, technologically advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations, visitors from space observing the Human race, and the crossing of dimensions [+] Middle East Eye: Goushey, Saber

ET Alien What could Extraterrestrial Aliens look like? Scientists share their thoughts [+] Dailymail: Sam Tonkin

ET Alien NASA seeking help of citizen scientists to identify signs of Extraterrestrial intelligence… UCLA SETI “Are We Alone In the Universe” project [+] NASA

ET Alien Winston Churchill was keenly interested in extraterrestrial life… published essay about possible life on other planets [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

ET Alien EXOPROBE research program uses high-speed cameras to search for and localize potential Extraterrestrial probes in near Earth space [+] The Debrief: Villarroel, Marcy

ET Alien Alien abduction of two Mississippi men in 1973 that made worldwide news [+] Clarion Ledger: Brian Broom

ET Alien Interdimensional hypothesis: Are UFOs and Extra Terrestrials visitors from other dimensions? [+] Mysterious Universe: Brent Swancer

ET Alien 33 Exoplanets targeted for technosignature signals from advanced Alien civilizations by the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope FAST in China, the largest radio telescope [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

ET Alien Laboratory for Agnostic Biosignatures LAB searches for evidence of complexity suggesting Alien life in space, not focusing on biological evidence... funded by NASA... Alien life forms may not resemble Earth biology [+] Scientific American: Sarah Scoles

ET Alien UFO and Alien being incident at Peni NATO radar installation in Spain in 1971… witnessed by 60 military personnel… agitated guard dogs… shots fired and fighter aircraft scrambled [+] Medium: Galán Vázquez

ET Alien Six children playing outside call mom about an airplane landing, having the shape of a gray hat, figures dressed in silver suits emerging, and the craft silently accelerating at a high speed and a steep angle: the Normanton UFO incident [+] Express: Jon Austin

ET Alien New possible technosignature signals of interest from 5 star systems identified using machine learning from data collected by the Green Bank Telescope Breakthrough Listen project [+] Robert Lea

ET Alien Simulation hypothesis: the Universe is a simulation built by an advanced Intelligence… empirical evidence includes the fundamental role of mathematics, quantum mechanics, the speed of light, quantum entanglement, and the Observer Effect [+] Melvin Vopson

ET Alien Intergalactic battles millions of years ago? Oxford historian makes the case [+] How and Why's: Vicky Verma

ET Alien Extraterrestrial Alien visitors to Earth likely not to be living beings, but AI machines, SETI astronomer speculates [+] The Guardian: Seth Shostak

ET Alien Alien abductees tell similar, detailed stories of their experiences… abductees from all over the world… experience seems to follow bloodlines… multiple abductions during lifetime common… very similar descriptions of the gray Aliens encountered... talk of Aliens being grown in incubators [+] Thenotsoinnocentsabroad

ET Alien 42,777 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy, study claims [+] Forbes: Jamie Carter

ET Alien Extraterrestrials may not have contacted Earth because evidence of our technology has not yet reached an advanced civilization, paper suggests… …Aliens may only be interested in technologically advanced planets… possible answer to the Fermi Paradox [+] Live Science: Stephanie Pappas

ET Alien Alien spacecraft reaching Earth would be highly evolved and sophisticated models, astronomer proposes… displaying capabilities well beyond our technology [+] Inverse: Kiona Smith

ET Alien Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) takes multifaceted approach: signals, such as broadcasts, from Alien planets; megastructures built by advanced civilizations, such as Dyson Spheres; pollution, such as chlorofluorocarbons [+] SciTechDaily: Huston, Wright

ET Alien Buff Ledge UFO Incident of 1969: Two youth camp leaders abducted, telling matching accounts under hypnosis… multiple witnesses recounted lights in the sky when the abductions occurred… vacationers reported similar, independent incident [+] Infinity Explorers: Ansh Srivastava

ET Alien Very large spacecraft traveling at high speed would produce space-time ripples that could be detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) [+] Ben Turner

ET Alien Scientists hypothesize that advanced intelligent life has transitioned to machine life, hibernating until the universe cools as it expands... may provide explanation to the Fermi paradox [+] Futurism: Tom Ward

ET Alien Search for biosignatures and technosignatures being used to look for Alien civilizations across the galaxy, including SETI search for detecting radio emissions… signals of interest in the narrowband detected by the Green Bank Telescope [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

ET Alien Advanced, long-lived extraterrestrial civilizations may have sent probes to thousands of stars and potentially our Solar System... likely would go undetected using conventional observation methods and technology [+] The Debrief: Avi Loeb

ET Alien Extraterrestrials likely have replaced biological bodies with robots, astronomer claims… predicts humans will be replaced by AI robots as well [+] Daily Star: Michael Moran

ET Alien Life on Earth may have been seeded from other planets… theory has origins in ancient Greece… supported by evidence of Martian rocks on Earth and frozen organisms in the Arctic reviving after being frozen for thousands of years [+] The Debrief: Avi Loeb

ET Alien Gravitational waves proposed for detecting extraterrestrial craft, measuring small gravitational distortions created by warp drives… method would offer longer range sensing than traditional methods [+] Businesswire

ET Alien Most powerful radio telescope being constructed in Australia, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)… could detect airport radar light years away… will search for signs extraterrestrial life [+] The Guardian: Donna Lu

ET Alien South African MeerKAT Array to begin searching for technosignatures of extraterrestrial technology… increases the target systems being searched by a factor of 1,000… capable of scanning 64 targets at a time [+] South Aftrican Radion Astronomy Observatory

ET Alien Petroglyphs in Chile resemble Grey Aliens … may date back almost 15,000 years… also, water mirrors carved in rock representing location of stars [+] Ancient Origins: Rafael Videla Eissmann

ET Alien British physicist believes that we will not detect intelligent extraterrestrial life because it is too complex… argues redundancy and pattern in transmissions are eliminated by advanced data compression, making signals look like random radio noise… Alien artifacts may look natural as technology has evolved from primitive objects easily distinguished from nature to the level of complexity found in biological life or celestial systems [+] The Daily Galaxy: Avi Shporer

ET Alien North American Native American Tribes have traditions about star people: traditions about ancestors from the stars, flying shields, visitors from other constellations, beings with large eyes but no noses [+] Mysterious Universe: Bibhu Misra

ET Alien Cosmic civilizations of the past: evidence in the form of interstellar objects may remain from extraterrestrial civilizations that ended millennia ago; civilizations having developed self-repair technology and interstellar travel may outlive their home worlds [+] The Debrief: Avi Loeb

ET Alien The Drake equation and the Fermi paradox: where is the intelligent life in the Universe? Scientists have developed various theories: 1. Humans are the first and only intelligent Species in the Galaxy – conditions for intelligent life are unique to Earth. 2. Extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and left again – leaving behind evidence of their civilization. 3. Galactic civilizations are broadcasting signals that we cannot interpret – possibly using pulsars. 4. We cannot identify Alien life because it is too different from life on Earth. 5. Extraterrestrials are avoiding Earth, perhaps considering Earth as a kind of nature preserve. 6. Extraterrestrials have not developed the technology for communicating across the Galaxy. 7. Other intelligent civilizations died out millions of years ago, either through space disasters, nuclear war, running out of resources, or because their worlds were destroyed by self-replicating machines. [+] Geo: Nils Boeing (German language)

ET Alien Intelligent Alien life may look very different from life on Earth, may be machine-based, could thrive where biological life cannot, mechanical life may dominate the Universe [+] The Galaxy Report: Avi Shporer

ET Alien Ancient Australian Aboriginal Wandjina tribal rock art depicts mysterious beings with white skin, large heads and eyes, traditions tell of beings from the sky created Humans [+] Ancient Origins: J. Gillan

ET Alien Founder of Canadian government Project Magnet to study UFO phenomenon, believed Earth was colonized by Aliens multiple times, that UFOs exploit geomagnetism [+] How and Why's: V. Verma

ET Alien Under Alien protection: residents of Mexican cities of Madero and Tampico believe they are protected from weather disasters by Aliens maintaining an underwater base off their coast, locals describe proliferating UFO sightings [+] Vice: N. Janowitz

ET Alien 10,000 year old rock paintings in India seem to show Alien figures, locals have traditions of small beings arriving in flying craft [+] Times of India: R. Drolia

ET Alien Moon alien spacecraft theory - the Moon as an artificial construct placed in orbit by an Intelligence; the Hollow Moon idea has its roots in African myths, science fiction, Apollo “ringing Moon” seismic evidence, and Soviet scientific papers [+] watchmojo: D. Musselman

ET Alien One of China’s most intriguing Alien encounters: the woodcutter who claimed UFO landed on Phoenix Mountain, met Alien entity multiple times, exhibited physical reactions, shown comet crashing into Jupiter before Comet Shoemaker-Levy, produced physical evidence including terbium rock [+] The World of Chinese: S. Davies

ET Alien University of St. Andrews assembles research hub for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, search for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligent life, plan for making contact with Aliens [+] Daily Mail: F. Jackson

ET Alien Scientist states it is a matter of when, not if, we find life beyond Earth, some may be intelligent, interstellar objects like Oumuamua may be evidence of advanced civilizations [+] The New Yorker: E. Kolbert

ET Alien Advanced Alien civilizations may use self-replicating Von Neumann probes to explore the universe, seed planets [+] Universe Today: M. Williams

ET Alien Dogon tribe of Mali had traditional knowledge of Sirius B before its discovery by modern science, traditions of visitors from Sirius, Nummos [+] Gaia

ET Alien Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on the physics of interstellar travel, from chemical rockets and ion engines (Earth level of technology) to photonic drives, anitmatter drives, and Planck energy propulsion [+] Michio Kaku: M. Kaku

ET Alien UFOs sighted in ancient Rome: bronze shields in the sky and shining white beings in 217 BC, fiery disk creating sonic boom in 91 BC, crash witnessed in 74 BC, aerial battle in 43 BC, landing with a close encounter of the third kind witnessed in AD 150 [+] Wonders & Marvels: A. Mayor

ET Alien How many alien spacecraft are in the Milky Way? Millions, two Harvard astronomers theorize [+] The Daily Beast: D. Axe

ET Alien The search for extraterrestrial intelligence using technosignatures, effort began in 1959, from radio waves to megastructures, even pollution [+] The Conversation: B. Daley

ET Alien Accounts of Varginha UFO incident in Brazil include multiple witnesses, cigar-shaped UFO, multiple Alien encounters [+] Mystery of Ascension: Douglas

ET Alien Native American traditions point to their ancestors being from the stars, include accounts of flying disks, abductions, continuing contact with Star People [+] Montana Pioneer: D. Lewis

ET Alien Former KGB supervisor claims Soviet military summon UFOs, communicated with Aliens telepathically [+] Pravda: S. Smetanina

ET Alien Physicist, using Drake Equation, suggests that SETA - Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts - focus on Moon [+] Space: C. Choi

ET Alien Physics professor Irina Romanovskaya postulates that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations may use rogue planets to travel through space [+] Universe Today: E. Gough

ET Alien The Kardashev scale classification provides a scheme for ranking civilization level of technology based on the amount of energy controlled; less advanced civilizations detecting transmissions from more advanced civilizations theoretically possible [+] Universe Today: M. Williams

ET Alien End of an era: Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, for years used by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), not to be rebuilt. At 300 meters in diameter, it was until 2016 the largest radio telescope in the world. It collapsed in 2020. [+] Senegal Daily Zero

ET Alien The Fermi Paradox - why there purportedly is no evidence of Alien visitors to Earth in a 14 billion year old Universe, and a number of solutions [+] Livescience: J. O'Callaghan

ET Alien Late astrophysicist Carl Sagan speculated that ancient Sumeria may have been visited by aliens, if aliens visited Earth before the invention of writing, we might never know [+] BIG THINK: R. Pomeroy

ET Alien Exotic superconducting materials found in meteorites may be artificial, alien, scientist theorizes [+] The Daily Beast: D. Axe

ET Alien Interception of messages by alien civilizations using gravitational lenses for long-distance communication may be possible [+] S. Waldek

ET Alien Famous "WOW" signal, detected in 1977, reanalyzed to determine origin in the universe, identifying most likely source star, almost 2000 light years from Earth. The "WOW" signal is one of the most likely, and well-known, candidates for a transmission received from an alien civilization. [+] International Journal of Astrobiology: A. Caballero

ET Alien Researchers broadcasting messages to ETs at center of Milky Way and star TRAPPIST-1 , to include location of Earth [+] Fast Company: C. Impey

ET Alien LaserSETI, scanning the sky for ET lasers, complements SETI project [+] The Daily Beast: D. Axe

ET Alien Network approach to SETI search proposed, targeting efforts to detect signs of advanced civilizations in space [+] Yahoo!: D. Axe

ET Alien Turkish mayor says Göbeklitepe, 12,000 years old, built by aliens, cites statues, "purses" [editor's note: also depicted on ancient Sumerian gods], 20 ton pillars [+] Hurriyet Daily News

ET Alien Intergalactic Fast Radio Bursts may power alien spacecraft [+] Gizmodo Australia: G. Dvorsky

ET Alien Dyson sphere around black holes could power alien civilizations [+] Live Science: A. Mann

ET Alien SETI to use National Science Foundation Very Large Array for conducting most extensive search for extraterrestrial technosignatures [+] Seti Institute: R. McDonald

ET Alien Aliens may have no desire to communicate with Humans [+] The Harvard Gazette: C. Walsh

ET Alien Islamic scholars: Alien life a possibility [+] TMV: N. Sardar

ET Alien Evidence of UFOs and aliens is found in ancient art by cultures around the world, including Australian Aborigines, North American Hopi, Egyptian, and prehistoric Columbian civilizations [+] UFO Evidence: A. Starr

ET Alien Bep-Kororoti - Brazilian legend of space visitor, remembered in ritual of Caiapo indigenous tribe featuring costume resembling modern space suit [+] Above Top Secret: Frocharocha

ET Alien UFO sightings with physical evidence: Radiation and imprint of craft in Manitoba Canada; 66 page report by GEPAN of UFO landing near Trans-en-Provence, France; Imprint of craft near Valensole, France [+] Journal of Alternative Realities: M. Jordan

ET Alien Engineered Human species - evidence and mythology [+]

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