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Alien Sky Conceptual space power station calls for beaming microwave power to the surface of the Moon… built in space from Lunar minerals [+] Interesting Engineering: Mrigakshi Dixit

Alien Sky Water vapor confirmed around comet in the main asteroid belt by James Webb Space Telescope [+] ESA

Alien Sky Life in Universe may well be present beyond traditional habitable zones of star systems [+] Chemistry World: Philip Ball

Alien Sky Largest mirror in the Universe yet discovered: Exoplanet LTT9779 b reflects 80% of light… metallic clouds [+] ESA

Alien Sky Up to 100 times more exoplanets with liquid water possible in the galaxy than previously estimated [+] Universal-sci

Alien Sky Time travel back in time with the James Webb Space Telescope… 1 billion years into the early universe… video [+] Robert Lea

Alien Sky Biosignature confirmed on Venus: phosphine again detected in the atmosphere of Venus [+] IFLScience: Alfredo Carpineti

Alien Sky Habitable zones for exoplanets reconsidered… may not need stars… or water [+] Scientific American: Phil Plait

Alien Sky Walking on an asteroid – risk of jumping into space, navigating house-sized boulders, and avoiding razor-sharp rocks [+] ESA

Alien Sky Exoplanet AF LEP b resembling Jupiter and 87.5 light-years distant from Earth imaged directly by Keck Observatory [+] EarthSky: Paul Anderson

Alien Sky Amino acid tryptophan, essential for key proteins of life on Earth, found in IC348 star system, 1,000 light years from Earth [+] Royal Astronomical Society

Alien Sky Explore a sampling of exoplanets with NASA’s interactive glimpse into alien worlds [+] NASA

Alien Sky Furthest reaches of Milky Way Galaxy found to contain phosphorous… essential elements of life on Earth – nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorous – present at the edge of the Galaxy [+] Science News: Bas den Hond

Alien Sky Novel approach to searching for life in the Universe: computational zones – examining life as information systems [+] Scientific American: Caleb Scharf

Alien Sky Saturn ocean moon Enceladus has all essential elements for biological life as we know it: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and latest to be detected: phosphorus… 1,000 times more concentrated than in Earth’s oceans [+] The New York Times: Katrina Miller

Alien Sky Tatooine of the TOI-1338 system: Circumbinary exoplanet, orbiting two suns, discovered 1,320 light-years from Earth [+] Charles Choi

Alien Sky Intelligent Universe: Is the Universe a self-organizing, evolving, and learning system? [+] BIG THINK: Bobby Azarlan

Alien Sky China’s space agency announces planned Lunar landing and exploration by 2030 [+] Universe Today: Nancy Atkinson

Alien Sky One third of planets around most common type of star in the Milky Way Galaxy (red dwarfs) are in the habitable zone where liquid water could exist [+] Newsweek: Jess Thomson

Alien Sky Company creates database of asteroids including mass, composition, and estimate of resource value [+] Asterank

Alien Sky UAE planning to launch space probe in 2034 to explore seven asteroids, landing on one of them, Justitia… thought to have organic compounds on its surface [+] Elizabeth Howell

Alien Sky Exoplanet of volcanoes inhabitable zone could provide conditions necessary for life [+] NASA: Kazmierczak, Andreoli

Alien Sky Direct imaging allows astronomers to characterize, and search for Alien biosignatures on, exoplanets… large potential as series of powerful telescopes come online [+] Scientific American: Briley Lewis

Alien Sky New potential worlds for Alien life in our Solar System: Uranus moons Titania and Oberon may have liquid oceans miles deep [+] Daily Mail: Sam Tonkin

Alien Sky Time travel: Possible… multiple theoretical models explored [+] Scientific American: Sarah Scoles

Alien Sky Ultraluminous X-ray source M82 X-2 hundreds of times brighter than our understanding of physics allows… expected to have exploded [+] The Daily Caller: Kay Smithe

Alien Sky Next seen again until 2031: Extremely rare hybrid solar eclipse on the night of April 19th, one of seven this entire century… watch the livestream [+] Brett Tingley

Alien Sky No sunburn: Max Planck scientists develop model identifying exoplanets with robust ozone layer protecting surface from deadly UV radiation, making them potential targets for searching for extra-terrestrial life [+] Vice: Becky Ferreira

Alien Sky Supporting the local Lunar fueling station: University study finds producing fuel on Moon more economical than transporting from Earth [+] Universe Today: Laurence Tognetti

UFO Alien Ships U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services to hold hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena UAP (UFOs) [+] WION: Abhinav Singh

Alien Sky Astronomers use new synergistic method to identify exoplanets, combining observable impacts of planetary motion and direct imaging [+] Scientific American: Nola Tillman

Alien Sky Exoplanet 20 times larger than Jupiter discovered 70 light-years from Earth… orbiting dual stars and featuring a raging sand storm [+] ScienceAlert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky Life may be based on silicon and ammonia instead of carbon and water on other worlds [+] Big Think: Matt Davis

Alien Sky Crewed missions to Mars by China and the United States in the 2030’s and 2040’s… permanent base by 2050 possibility [+] The Science Times: Margaret Davis

Alien Sky Researchers propose searching for extra-terrestrial life in computational, rather than habitable, zones [+] Universe Today: Paul Sutter

Alien Sky Scientists discover prebiotic molecules in Perseus Molecular Cloud… building blocks of more complex organic molecules [+] SciTechDaily

Alien Sky Radio signal suggests that rocky exoplanet YZ Ceti b located 12 light years away from Earth may have both a magnetic field and an atmosphere, making it more hospitable to life [+] CNN: Ashley Strickland

Alien Sky Universe a giant neural network, physics professor argues [+] Futurism: Victor Tangermann

Alien Sky Alien fossils may be catapulted into space by asteroid impacts, landed, buried on Earth [+] Vice: Sarah Wells

Alien Sky NASA invites college students to find solutions to reduce regolith dust during landing and takeoff on the Moon… $10,000 prize [+] NASA: Hambleton, Rowe

Alien Sky Map of 85,000 volcanoes on Venus created by scientists [+] Spaceref: Keith Cowing

Alien Sky Lunar glass beads containing water discovered by researchers at Nanjing University in Lunar regolith samples returned to Earth by China’s Chang’e-5 spacecraft… solar wind provides hydrogen to replenish Lunar water cycle [+] Inverse: Doris Urrutia

Alien Sky Rocky exoplanet orbiting TRAPPIST-1 lacks significant atmosphere, James Webb Space Telescope discovered… six other exoplanets orbit star yet to be studied [+] Tereza Pultarova

Alien Sky Building block of RNA detected in asteroid Ryugu sample collected by Japanese Space Agency Hayabusa2 mission [+] SciTechDaily

Alien Sky Exoplanets outnumber the stars in the Universe… more than 5,000 identified to date… here is an expose of 13 of them [+] Popular Mechanics: Wagh, Wenz

Alien Sky Mission to search for Alpha Centauri exoplanets using space telescope, Telescope for Orbit Locus Interferometric Monitoring of our Astronomical Neighborhood TOLIMAN… Alpha Centauri is star closest to Earth, four light-years distant… TOLIMAN is the old Arabic name for Alpha Centauri [+] EarthSky: Paul Anderson

Alien Sky Over 1,000 stars likely orbited by exoplanets to be surveyed in a cooperative project between the Vatican Observatory and the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam [+] Vatican News

Alien Sky Distribution of water on the Moon mapped… could aid future Lunar missions such as the Artemis program [+] Sharmila Kuthunur

Alien Sky Complex molecules may be sign of Extra-terrestrial life on exoplanets… only produced by life, Assembly Theory states [+] Daily Beast: David Axe

Alien Sky The future influences the past, scientists speculate… retrocausality provides potential solution to inexplicable physics phenomena [+] Vice: Becky Ferreira

Alien Sky Active volcano discovered on Venus [+] Time: Jeffrey Kluger

Alien Sky Saturn moon Titan to be explored by NASA Dragonfly mission in 2030… robotic craft to have the capability to fly and drill, studying chemical composition [+] Nick Oakes

Alien Sky Artifacts and technosignatures of intelligent life in our Solar System may be hidden under dust and sand on the Moon and Mars… would not have survived volcanic and tectonic processes on Earth [+] Cambridge University: Andrew Jones

Alien Sky Forming protostar in Orion constellation, surrounded by disc of water in gaseous form, provides evidence that water on Earth is older than our Sun [+] Robert Lea

Alien Sky Meteorite impacting Moon captured on video by Japanese astronomer [+] Andrew Jones

Alien Sky Extra-terrestrial life may be detected by advanced telescopes, Cambridge scientist suggests… believes life is quite common in the universe [+] Daily Star: Gem Stokes

Alien Sky Supercluster arcs of galaxies discovered to be the largest know structures in the Universe… 3.3 billion light year across [+] BBC: Jasmin Fox-Skelly

Alien Sky Supernova recorded by Chinese astronomers in 185 A.D. still visible today by the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile… image [+] ars Technica: Jennifer Ouellette

Alien SkyStrategies used to observe exoplanets: spectroscopy, direct imaging, and polarization analysis… ambitious project would add gravitational lensing from our Solar system as a future tool [+] Physics World

Alien Sky Red dwarf stars, such as TRAPPIST-1, produce sufficient light to support life on their exoplanets, experiment finds [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Alien Sky Universe calculated to be 7 trillion light-years in diameter [+] The Nine Planets

Alien Sky Glass spheres found on far side of the Moon by China’s Yutu-2 rover [+] science alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky Exoplanet hunters consortium of universities identifies dozen exoplanets in habitable zone [+] Astrobiology: Keith Cowing

Alien Sky Asteroid Ryugu sample, collected by Japan’s Hayabusa2 space probe, analyzed: rich in organic compounds [+] NASA: Bill Steigerwald

Alien Sky DESI Legacy Imaging Survey releases update of largest 2D map of sky [+]

Alien Sky Lunar farming studied by European Space Agency ESA scientists… promising results [+] The Science Times: Caleb White

Alien Sky Auroras observed on all large moons of Jupiter… brighter than auroras on Earth [+] Universe Today: Matt Williams

Alien Sky Elongated asteroid captured by NASA Deep Space Network radar [+] Spaceref: Keith Cowing

Alien Sky Evidence for Planet Nine provided by trajectory of interstellar meteorite CNEOS-14 that crashed into Earth in 2014, astrophysicist calculations indicate [+] Curiosmos: Ivan Petricevic

Alien Sky Time travel into the past possible in a rotating universe… general relativity does not preclude this outcome… but no observable evidence we live in a rotating universe [+] Paul Sutter

Alien Sky Earth-size exoplanet discovered orbiting 31 light-year distant red dwarf star… likely in habitable zone [+] science alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky 92 Jovian moons – 12 new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter, making it the planet with most moons in the Solar System [+] Sky & Telescope: Jeff Hecht

Alien Sky Astronomers may be able to distinguish habitable from inhabitable exoplanets in the future using polarimetry [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Alien Sky Exoplanets orbiting 133 light-year distant star on video… astrophysicist created using 12 years of direct images of the HR7899 system [+] Northwestern University: Amanda Morris

Alien Sky Best chance of seeing green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is in early February… perigee on February 1 is the first since the last Ice Age [+] Robert Lea

Alien Sky Multiple elements of biochemistry detected in deep space dust cloud 500 light years from Earth by the James Webb Space Telescope… carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen [+] science alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky Olympus Mons on Mars, largest volcano in the Solar System… three times as high as Mt. Everest, as large as Arizona… active until 25 million years ago [+] Nola Tillman

Alien Sky Near-Earth asteroid 2023 BU misses Earth by 3,600 kilometers… 4th closest miss of any asteroid recorded [+] The Virtual Telescope Project: Gianluca Masi

Alien Sky Most likely celestial bodies on which Humans will find signs of extraterrestrial life: Mars, Venus, Europa, Ganymede [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Alien Sky Gravity waves to study very young universe, Princeton physicists propose… gravity waves passing through celestial objects may allow indirect observation [+] SciTech Daily: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Alien Sky Life on exoplanets would be capable of improving the planet's makeup to be more habitable… process demonstrated on Earth… effect expands Gaian habitable zone around stars [+] Live Science: Paul Sutter

Alien Sky Cherenkov radiation from particles moving faster than the speed of light confirmed by scientists at Israel Institute of Technology… electromagnetic shock waves result in observable radiation [+] The Debrief: Micah Hanks

Alien Sky Over 3 billion objects in the Milky Way Galaxy catalogued by the Dark Energy Camera Plane Survey, using the Dark Energy Camera at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile [+] Robert Lea

Alien Sky Gravitational lensing using Sun to be used for imaging exoplanets, Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist proposes… would provide higher resolution than conventional space telescopes [+] The Verge: Matt Morales

Alien Sky Observing green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF): location in the zodiac by date [+] Farmers' Almanac: Joe Rao

Alien Sky Wormhole 1,566 light years from Earth? First “sleeping” black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy detected, Gaia BH1… unlike conventional black holes, neither attracts matter nor releases radiation [+] Armenian

Alien Sky NASA launches citizen scientist program Exoplanet Watch to search for exoplanets… provides engagement with NASA scientist and engineers… citizen scientists to assist with converting images of transiting exoplanets to light curves [+] NASA

Alien Sky Last chance to view green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) … first encounter in 50,000 years… closest approach on February 1st [+] Interesting Engineering: Chris Young

Alien Sky Rocky, Earth-size exoplanet discovered by NASA TESS telescope… TOI 700 e is 100,000 light years from Earth and its orbit is in the optimistic habitable zone [+] NASA: Jeanette Kazmierczak

Alien Sky Newly discovered Milky Way stars orbit our galaxy half-way to the Andromeda galaxy, the closest galactic neighbor… the RR Lyrae variable stars are located in the galaxy’s outer halo, 100,000 light years from the galactic center [+] Universe Today: Carolyn Collins Petersen

Alien Sky HAARP bounces radio signals off asteroid XC15 as part of study of near-Earth objects… longer wavelengths used in experiment may provide information about interior of asteroids [+] University of Alaska: Rod Boyce

Alien Sky Spacecraft, terrestrial and space telescopes captured fascinating space images during 2022 [+] Gizmodo: Isaac Schultz

Alien Sky Physicists at the University of Warsaw (Poland) and the National University of Singapore develop new model to allow for light speed travel… combines three dimensions into one [+] Science Alert: David Nield

Alien Sky Niburu, Planet-X, the 12th Planet – do we have evidence of Planet 9 in our Solar System? [+] Ancient Origins: Christos Djonis

Alien Sky Advanced civilization on Mars could have terraformed Earth two billion years ago when Mars lost much of its atmosphere and surface water – and oxygen levels on Earth rose… traces of civilization would have been almost completely erased by asteroid Antons and geologic activity on both planets [+] Avi Loeb

Alien Sky Highlights of exoplanet discoveries during 2022 [+] Charles Choi

Alien Sky Saturn’s ice-covered water world Moon Enceladus may harbor life – new mission outlined by the University of Arizona proposes flying a space probe through plumes of salt water erupting from surface in search for life … one of the most promising worlds for life in our Solar System [+] The Debrief: Christopher Plain

Alien Sky National Science Foundation’s Vera Rubin Observatory may help solve mystery of Planet 9… capable of observing large portions of sky… may provide view of more than six million objects in our Solar System [+] Inverse: John Wenz

Alien Sky Planet 9 may be one or more black holes in orbit around our Sun beyond Pluto, Harvard scientists theorize [+] Inverse: Mr. X

Alien Sky Strange objects orbiting massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way… exhibit attributes of gas clouds and also binary stars [+] Inverse: Passant Rabie

Alien Sky Two watery exoplanets discovered in the constellation Lyra, 218 light-years from Earth, in the Kepler-138 system [+] CNN: Zoe Sottile

Alien Sky Exoplanet WASP-39b atmosphere found to contain carbon dioxide, water vapor – and sodium and carbon monoxide… clouds of silicates and sulfites [+] Science Alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky Life may survive on cold exoplanet water worlds under ice sheets… subglacial water may be created from ice through basal melting, would provide contact with rocks and minerals, while layer of ice provides protection from cosmic radiaion [+] Universe Today: Evan Gough

Alien Sky Largest known galaxy identified: Alcyoneus, 3 billion light years distant… 16.3 million light years across [+] Science Alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky Two exoplanets discovered orbiting red dwarf Luyten/Palomar 890-9… one may have a moderate temperature comparable to Earth [+] Syfy: Phil Plait

Alien Sky European Space Agency (ESA) Gaia project publishes most accurate star catalog and model of the Milky Way Galaxy… maps over 1 billion stars, including distance, direction of movement and velocities [+] Sky & Telescope: Paul Sutter

Alien Sky Earth has mild space weather compared to most exoplanets [+] Universe Today: Paul Sutter

Alien Sky Exoplanets of binary star systems have higher probability of stable axis tilt, study finds… stable axis tilt, in part from the effect of the Moon, helped make Earth habitable for advanced life [+] The Daily Galaxy: Maxwell Moe

Alien Sky Lunar Flashlight CubeSat mission to the Moon will search for water ice on the Moon… may help with planning of long-term Human missions to the Moon… to launch on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket [+] Digitaltrends: Trevor Mogg

Alien Sky James Webb Space Telescope captures image of clouds in Saturn moon Titan’s atmosphere… methane forms clouds, rivers, lakes on Titan [+] Meghan Bartels

Alien Sky Physicists for the first time simulate a holographic wormhole using quantum entanglement… sent information through it… may provide evidence of the holographic universe [+] Live Science: Ben Turner

Alien Sky Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has clouds, rain, rivers and oceans of methane, only celestial object besides Earth with such conditions… may have subsurface body of water… nitrogen atmosphere, like Earth… may be prime candidate for life in our Solar System [+] Medium: Avi Loeb

Alien Sky Flash of energy more powerful than 1,000 suns pointed at Earth, relativistic jet of matter from a black hole 8.5 billion light years distant [+] MIT: Jennifer Chu

Alien Sky Chemical make-up of exoplanets being investigated using the James Webb space telescope [+] The Conversation: Stacy Morford

Alien Sky NASA’s Aremis 1 to enter lunar orbit on Friday, November 25… retrograde orbit engine burn to be live-streamed [+] Mike Wall

Alien Sky Textbook picture of a spherical volume of stars around the Milky Galaxy turns out to be shaped like an American football instead [+] Science Alert: Michelle Starr

Alien Sky New “Map of the Universe” developed by John Hopkins University… over 200,000 galaxies… going back in time to the edge of the visible universe [+] Map of the Universe

Alien Sky Hubble Space Telescope images supernova explosion in real time – looking back in time 11 billion years [+] NASA: J. Adkins

Alien Sky Study suggests that cycles of production of the Earth’s crust correlates to our Solar Systems passage through the spirals of the Milky Way galaxy, high-energy Oort Cloud comets increasing lava flow [+] The Conversation

Alien Sky Scientists study mission requirements for interception of future interstellar objects like Oumuamua passing through our Solar System to determine natural or artificial origin [+] Vice: B. Ferreira

Alien Sky Last full lunar eclipse until 2025 on November 8th [+] Sky & Telescope: B. King

Alien Sky Physicists propose that intelligent, technologically advances life may flourishing inside stars, self-replicating system of “strings”, monopoles and semipoles [+] Lehman College

Alien Sky Black hole closest to our Solar System discovered, in constellation Ophiuchus, 1,600 light-years from Earth [+]

Alien Sky HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska bounces transmissions off Moon to test interior sensing on asteroids, directs radio waves at Jupiter to measure its ionosphere [+] ARRL/Univeristy of Alaska

Alien Sky Methane plumes on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus may be evidence of life, might be comparable to hydrothermal ocean vents on Earth, ocean world may be hospitable to life [+] Advanced Science News: V. Corless

Alien Sky The Solar System is full of intriguing moons, including Saturn's 'Death Star' moon Mimas, the UFO-shaped moon Atlas, Jupiter's moon Io with more than 400 active volcanoes, Neptune's moon Triton with a south pole composed of frozen nitrogen and methane which may have harbored life [+] Starinsider

Alien Sky Explosion, 1.9 billion light years distant, in constellation Sagitta, one of the brightest and energetic gamma-ray bursts recorded, thought to signal birth of black hole [+] NASA: F. Reddy

Alien Sky NASA confirms that its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission altered orbit of asteroid Dimorphos, besting minimum benchmark by more than 25 times [+] NASA: J. Handal, J. Surowiec, R. Bardan

Alien Sky SETI seeks amateur astronomers to confirm exoplanets identified by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which may identify 10,000 new exoplanets [+] S. Waldek

Alien Sky SETI seeks amateur astronomers to confirm exoplanets identified by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which may identify 10,000 new exoplanets [+] S. Waldek

Alien Sky James Webb Space Telescope observations cast new light on early universe [+] msn: J. Achenbach

Alien Sky NASA's DART mission intentionally crashes into asteroid Dimorphos, transmits images prior to Anton, completes first test of NASA's planetry defense strategy to protect Earth from devastating asteroid Antons by altering their orbit [+] NASA: J. Handal, J. Surowiec, M. Buckley

Alien Sky James Webb Space Telescope images Neptune with rings, last captured over three decades ago [+] NASA: L. Betz, H. Braun, C. Pulliam

Alien Sky Astrophysicists use Breakthrough Listen Initiative to search for alien technosignatures - signs of advances civilizations [+] Vice: B. Ferreira

Alien Sky Planet in habitable zone of red dwarf star discovered, 105 light years from Earth [+] Science Alert: M. Start

Alien Sky James Webb Space Telescope takes stunning images of Phantom Galaxy, 32 million light years from Earth [+] The European Space Agency

Alien Sky Star S62, traveling at 8% of speed of light, experiences time dilation [+] The Debrief: M. Hanks

Alien Sky James Webb Space Telescope delivers direct image of exoplanet HIP 65426 b, marking the first time any exoplanet has been imaged directly. HIP 65426 b is a very young (15 to 20 million years, compared to 4.5 billion years for Earth) and massive (many times larger than Jupiter) planet, 100 times as far from its star than Earth is from the Sun. [+] NASA: A. Fisher

Alien Sky Giant exoplanet with 11 day 'year' may be composed 30% of water [+] NASA: P. Brennan

Alien Sky Jupiter's aurora, moons, and rings shown in stunning detail in newly released NASA James Webb Space Telescope images [+] NASA: A. Fisher

Alien Sky Life-searching probe to be sent to Venus by private company Rocket Lab, 2023 planned launch [+]

Alien Sky Samples from asteroid Ryugu, returned to Earth by the Japanese Hayabusa2 space probe, contain amino acids, origins of life [+] USA Today: N. Neysa

Alien Sky Looking back in time with the James Webb telescope, black holes, and travel to the celestial objects it imaged [+] Daily Mail: S; Tonkin

Alien Sky James Webb space telescope sends pictures back to Earth: stunning images of nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies [+]

Alien Sky China intensifies search for Earth 2.0 - exploration program expected to detect more than 20,000 new exoplanets... maybe 20 Earth 2.0 planets [+] Astronomy Magazine

Alien Sky Puzzle of an outer Ninth Planet, ten times further from sun than Pluto and ten times size of Earth, may be solved by Vera C. Rubin Telescope [+] Inverse: D. Orf

Alien Sky China's Sky Eye, world's largest radio telescope, may have detected signs of life in space [+] Bloomberg Canada

Alien Sky Binary star systems studied for signatures of extraterrestrial life using sophisticated new tools, including ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, consisting of 66 telescopes. James Webb Space Telescope, European Large Telescope, and the Square Kilometer Array to join soon - will observe large organic molecules directly [+] NASA: M. Bock

Alien Sky New evidence of liquid water on Jupiter's moon Europa increases chances of it harboring life [+] Reuters: W. Dunham

Alien Sky Moon size may improve chance of life on planet [+] Forbes: A. Gasparini

Alien Sky Pluto's ice volcanoes suggest liquid ocean; could harbor life [+] Smithsonian: C. Wetzel

Alien Sky NASA's Roman satellite to be capable of directly imaging exoplanets in visible light, unprecedented [+] The Debrief: C. Plain

Alien Sky Inflatable flying-wing vehicle proposed to explore Venus [+] NASA: J. Bayandor

Alien Sky Parker spacecraft sends images from Venus; surface rocks glowing hot [+] NASA: M. Johnson-Groh

Alien Sky First images from James Webb Telescope received [+] M. Bartels

Alien Sky Water, and life, on Saturn "Death Star" moon Mimas possible [+] CNN: A. Strickland

Alien Sky Earth climate may resemble that of Mars in future [+] Sputnik: S. Ekimenko

Alien Sky Venus, unlikely candidate for life, may harbor life in its toxic atmosphere, chemical signatures suggest [+] The New York Times: S. Stirone et al.

Alien Sky New panoramic image of the magnetic filament strands at the center of Milky Way Galaxy created by Northwestern University [+] Earthfiles: L. Moulton Howe

Alien Sky Star in Big Dipper first target of James Webb space telescope [+] D. Elin Urrutia

Star Fleet China builds "artificial moon" to make gravity "disappear" [+] Sputnik: M. Gorbachev

Alien Sky Cave art evidence of astronomy 40,000 years ago [+] Science Daily

Alien Sky Study examines technology to send Earth life to the stars using lasers [+] Vice,: A. Carleton

Alien Sky Assyrians observed and recorded solar storm millennia ago [+] Newsweek: H. Osborne

Alien Sky When our Sun resembled Saturn, had rings... [+] Live Science: Y. Saplakoglu

Alien Sky James Webb, most powerful space telescope, reaches destination at Lagrange point, million miles from Earth [+] Nature: A. Witze

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